• Choices

    Every chance you take,
    Make it or break it,
    Every step you make,
    This could be your ticket.

    Every choice you make,
    Every corner you turn,
    Whatever direction you decide to take,
    Soar or crash and burn.

    Every road you travel,
    Every bump you come to,
    Life has so many mysteries to unravel.
    You’ll pull through.

    Dare to reach out,
    Dare to touch hearts.
    No need to pout,
    Not everyone likes sour tarts.

    So many choices,
    Which way do you go?
    All the voices,
    You’re tossed to and fro.

    Tune in to one voice,
    The voice that rules all,
    Let that be your choice.
    Let Him make the call.

    Don’t just sit there like a dead beat.
    Respond to His voice.
    It’s a real treat.
    It’s your choice.

    Do you care?
    Speak with Him.
    Do you dare?
    Chances aren’t so slim.

    Open up your eyes,
    You’re blind,
    Look, see there, the fireflies.
    Keep your heart kind.

    Don’t run away.
    Clasp your hands together in prayer.
    Every morning is the start of a brand new day.
    Show that you care.

    Don’t hide.
    He will always know where you are.
    Don’t go along just for the ride.
    Things can go too far.

    Don’t deny.
    He’s always there to protect you.
    Stare deep into the sky.
    Believe it or not, it’s true.