• You stand there
    Nearly in tears
    Feeling alone

    You don't understand
    It was going so well
    You loved each other
    Trusted each other
    You supported her strengths
    She accepted your flaws.

    Then she left you with
    No explanation
    No reason
    No goodbye.

    This seems so familiar...

    Did you beg her?
    Down on your knees
    Pleading forgiveness
    For unknown crimes
    Wanting another chance...
    Did you try to remind her
    How much she means to you?

    So did I.

    Did she look down on you
    With emotionless eyes
    Before she turned and walked away?

    So did you.

    Can you finally comprehend
    Why I hated you
    Just as you hate her now?
    Do you finally realize
    The torture I endured
    Now that you feel it too?

    Perhaps this is a lesson learned,
    Perhaps not.

    But don't worry
    The wounds should heal
    In only a year or so.

    And if you choose
    To quit before that happens
    Please die with the knowledge
    That I