• ~ Let it Go ~

    Just one day
    I will prove
    That nothing can get inside of you
    I will protect you
    I'll be your shield
    Cause' I know
    That you'd do it for me too

    Tell me why
    Why you don't care
    About me
    (All the time)

    Tell me why
    You wouldn't want to be with me

    You love her
    I hate her

    You hate me
    I love you

    But now that I know that I won't be with you
    Now I know
    That I'd just have to...
    Let it Go
    ( Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh )

    Our situation changed into one of those action movies
    You slid up next to the screen
    I was alone
    So alone

    But it doesn't matter anymore

    That girl
    The one you loved
    The one I just didn't like

    She came
    She came up to me and took you away

    I was sad
    I was lonely
    But you didn't care
    ( No you didn't )

    But now I know that I won't be with you
    Now I know
    That'd I just have to
    Let it Go
    ( Whoa )

    One day you will realize that she played around with you for your money
    Then you'll come back

    But let me say
    One last thing

    Our love is gone
    We just hate
    ( Yeah )

    But now I know that I can live without you
    I'll be the best
    I'll be myself
    I'll be the one you used to hate

    You love me
    I Let it Go