• My life is only mine to live
    Mistakes are mine to make
    “My life is for itself” you see,
    And not something to fake

    I will not let you tell me
    What to do or what to say
    I live free and easy
    But I guess that’s not your way

    Enduring through the days it seems
    That some don’t live their life
    But parade around for others
    And cause themselves more strife

    I refuse to follow
    I will not be led blind
    And if I think it’s best for me
    I’ll leave you all behind

    My life is not a game to play
    My life is not a joke
    It’s not for you to goggle at
    Or some odd thing to poke

    Others may think worse of me
    For things I say and do
    But my life is fine the way it is
    And I refuse to change for you.