• So back to where we begin
    Here I go again
    Coming to my sins
    Finding where it ends
    Are you a foe or friend
    Back to the road again
    Spitten words of fire
    Feeding the lust and desire
    Going higher and higher
    I'm a frequent Flier
    I'm not a liar
    When it comes to games
    There is no shame
    No one left to blame
    I'm the one who set the flames
    It was all just a stand still
    Nothing left to fill
    This is not a payment or a bill
    Where's the pain
    For nothing was to gain
    Am I making you go insane
    Just to explode the brain
    Does it get you wet
    Can you place the bet
    That this was all set
    Going bit by bit
    Just to have a fit
    Does it make you cry
    Knowing that I haven't tried
    Never to let you pass by
    Cause I never died
    Are you blind
    Failing to walk the line
    Are you fine
    Questions in my mind
    Only answer to find
    Holding onto what is mine
    I am bound
    To the bandage wound
    Echoing to the sound
    Where my grave is found
    Falling above ground
    Take a look around
    Im abide to the dark
    Never to fall apart
    Cause I'm strong at heart
    While you unwind to the start
    Does it give you chills and make you cold
    When nothing was sold
    For the Lord had foretold
    Now I'm getting bold
    As I'm getting old
    I will never fold
    I've made my stand
    Spreading it across this land
    I tell you this is true
    I'm not doing it for you
    So on the count of two
    Show me what I've got to prove
    There's nothing left I can do
    Am I making it clear
    Can you feel the fear
    Are you even here
    Can you steer
    To correct the deal
    This is what I'm about
    Now I'm gone and out.