• You don't have to have my heart,
    just hold my hand.
    You don't have to say you love me,
    just say my name
    You don't have to hold me close,
    just look at me
    see it's not much I ask for,
    just very little.
    Don't give me kisses, just give me a hug,
    don't send me flowers, just send me a note,
    don't show up at my doorstep, just be there when I need you,
    don't buy me expensive jewellery, just buy me a rose,
    don't call me sweetheart or darling, just write me a poem,
    don't fly me out to exotic lands, just take me for a walk at the park,
    Because it's these little things you might do,
    that show me just what you really feel inside.