• How terrible the memories,
    That run through your head.
    Sometimes you've wondered,
    If you'd be better off dead.
    You may have found a reason,
    That will allow you to live,
    But the things you've done,
    You could never forgive.
    You hold so much guilt.
    You hold so much fear.
    You're terrified that,
    You'll hurt everyone near.
    You were so afraid,
    Of letting your secret out.
    You should never feel,
    That my love would have doubt.
    Whatever you think,
    I want you to understand,
    I'll always be there,
    To hold your hand.
    As long as you work with me,
    I'll accept whatever you do.
    Whatever your past,
    I will always love you.
    You've given me more happiness,
    Than I could ever say.
    You're the reason that I smile,
    Each and every day.
    You're helping me change,
    To accept myself too.
    You help me through the fear,
    Of something completely new.
    You've helped me so much.
    I just want to see you smile.
    Let's just live in the present,
    For a little while.