• I have come before you from another dimension
    I need you to know my true intention
    Before we begin I need make mention
    There will never be any redemption

    I watch you everyday you sleep
    I watch you while you roam the street
    From every alleyway I creep
    You are nothing more than sheep

    I pride myself upon your misery
    I am entertained by your injuries
    Your hate has become my artillery
    You are a puppet amongst my trickery

    Remember the agony when you were ill
    It was me touching you as it instilled
    You have always been subject to my will
    I ate at you until I had my fill

    I gorged myself upon your fear
    I smiled as you cried in tears
    I laughed as I whispered in your ear
    I have been doing this for years

    I will always think about that lonely night
    When your mind was challenged in a fight
    Contemplating and thinking about your life
    You sat quiet beside your dead wife

    I will never forget when you tried suicide
    You pulled that trigger and got denied
    That was me as I stood by your side
    There was no escape however you tried

    Your son dying was a special treat
    I loved the taste of his defeat
    I am really happy we got to meet
    My time at your side is now complete

    I am telling you this because you're free
    I watched you last night as you made a plea
    I am finally leaving you and letting you be
    Just know that one day I will be back to feed