• I finally see light
    My birth from a present
    Your voice my own
    Your hands my movement

    My purpose changes
    Whatever you desire
    My life in your hands
    As it all transpires

    I run about your floor
    I fly about the air
    I live out adventures
    To your friends I’m shared

    Today I am evil
    Tomorrow I might be good
    Please play I’m lonely
    Everyday if you could

    I love you so much
    My love I would prove
    I would hug you tightly
    If only I could move

    My new friends hate me
    Jealousy runs all our lives
    They want you for themselves
    In a wooden box we survive

    We notice you less
    You eventually stop
    Our lives now meaningless
    To the time of a clock

    I am nothing without you
    None of us are
    We need you back
    Wherever you are