• Falling on Earth like a shooting star in the daylight,
    we fell it on our faces as we look up,
    Slowly, we smile and prance,
    as the time for snow has come once again.

    Our faces light up with happiness from our simple youth days,
    Beautiful smiles frozen on faces of merry strangers.
    The excited laughter of children as they play in their first snowfall,
    Tears quickly escape my eyes and roll down my cheeks as I walk in the snowfall.

    The night filled the snow with a beautiful enchantment,
    Creating a winter wonderland for everyone to enjoy.
    Sitting by the cackling fire with my gorgeous Gayla holding me,
    the wind hummed us to sleep, cuddling us with a voice of beauty.

    Upon waking the next morning, the chill air rushed up to me.
    awakening my sense of adventure in the snow.
    I ran out in jeans and a light sweater,
    Enjoying the sense of seeing merry strangers and overjoyed children.

    Night coated the snow with a blanket of gorgeousness as the moon glittered,
    Creating a scene only God himself can create.
    As the cackling fire died out, Gayla snuggled me with such care and emotion, I was her warm cozy teddy bear,
    I held on to her, falling asleep as the snow continued to fall onto Earth