• My hearts shrinks the colors away,
    A world from warmth to a box of gray,
    Movement is slow as my bones decay,
    Darkness goes where love used to lay,

    Trying to grab hold of an instrument that could fix me,
    Is like trying to grasp broken pieces of glass that over-mass me,
    and I'm feeling less and less amazing burning up in blazes,
    Faded yes so faded while I the transparent eye gazes,

    Broken legs and stained tears leave me under the covers,
    Watching space and air around stand still and hover,
    I feel so warm even though I just shiver,
    and I don't even have a fever I'm just an airless river,

    I haven't felt a thing it's just feelings so numb,
    Sunshine tucks beneath closed curtains,
    Sad messages are sent right under my thumb,
    An erosion consuming the puzzle of this pain there's no joy but I can hear the rain and this depression is all the same I wish I never had to be so destroyed this depletion is attacking my brain I am most yes very most certain.