• She sits inside a room
    Alone and afraid
    Misunderstood, made to look evil
    She has no place to shine….

    I beg of the sun, the moon, and the stars
    That one day she will be able to be far away
    From her prison that she walks around in

    She cries inside each night, but her prison forces her to let out no tears
    And she is forced to say nothing about her deepest fears…
    She could be killed if she is found out
    So she must hide everything from those without understanding

    A body and mind divided
    They stand as separate halves
    One as a prisoner of the mind
    And one as a prisoner of the skin
    The desire to change is her cardinal sin

    Born as a misplaced soul, she will continue to suffer
    Until she alters her prison
    Or kills herself
    From being filled with sorrow

    “A body and mind divided is a sorrowful experience. Don’t hate on me for difference…” – Untimely Angels, future transgender.