• people here,
    people there,
    people are just everywhere.

    Some have a luxerious car,
    while others lay outside a bar.
    Some preach about their problems,
    while others may have none.

    Some cry
    some cheer,
    while others can never hear.

    Some lay in their porcelain bed
    as others live in a small shed.

    Some may think they have it bad,
    yet many are miserable and sad.

    My question to you is merely this:
    If you could pick out of a can
    not knowing what lies for your hand,
    would you trade all your troubles,
    with someone who sleeps in a puddle?

    definately not,
    which is, your answer
    would you not take the time,
    to suffer with those who have not a dime.

    For this is truth of compassion,
    which lacks within our daily fashion.

    Next time you intend to complain
    about the rainy days and the pouring rain,
    you may think you have it bad,
    but someone always has it worse.