• Frivolously our light glows,
    Grows and slips,
    Flowing over the edge,
    Of a bowl filled.

    It was your light I found,
    At the end of that dark road,
    Leading me to,
    A better day.

    That is the light that held me up,
    When I crossed all of those deserts,
    Climbed all of those mountains,
    Sailed all of those oceans.

    It was towards that light,
    That I flew on the the wings,
    Of a tiny black bird,
    That sang a song that words cannot speak.

    Pushing past the limits,
    Of a fabricated reality,
    Through the truth and the insanity,
    I raced towards your light.

    Though the sky fell around me,
    Though the oceans drowned the world,
    These stormy waters could not fell,
    The path towards you.

    Eyes that watch me do not know me,
    Those that know me need not see me,
    For they already know,
    That I am hooked.

    A desk and a laptop,
    A single chance at a new beginning,
    A simple question,
    And a spark is born.

    Life is my friend,
    I fear not death,
    For even then I will have a light,
    That leads me back to you.

    Under a starlit sky,
    In the meadow where we once lay,
    I wait until I can see you again,
    My light, my love.