• not knowing the sounds around me
    as i sit here without noise
    going by what i see
    but not what i hear

    i sit in a room
    with no sound at all
    wondering… why?

    so many questions
    left unanswered
    so many things i would like to know
    what do i sound like?
    what do others around me sound like?
    why am i this way?

    as i sit back and ponder
    all the questions in my head
    the main question is
    why does it matter?

    I’m surrounded by those who care
    who love me for me
    who wouldn’t change a thing
    who would do anything for me

    it doesn’t really matter
    because those around me
    love me, care for me and accept me
    just the way i am
    even in my world of silence
    where they cannot be heard.