• I am not in love,
    But I am curious to know,
    The cause of your laughter,
    Your inspiration in life,
    What inner desires you hold.

    I want to know your weaknesses,
    To batter them away,
    Things that break you down and cry,
    So I'll know the right words to whisper.

    How you breathe so softly,
    So that I may match each breath you take with mine,
    How your eyes twinkle with such light,
    So I can tell the stars to shine as you do.

    Your face when you wake up in the morning,
    Or late afternoon,
    Things you yell into the wind,
    When you can hold it in no longer.

    What you wish for on your birthday each year,
    Your favorite shirt to wear,
    The touch of your hand,
    And the secrets you lock away in your heart.

    I am not in love,
    But I need to know,
    So that I may match the fluttering in my chest,
    With yours.