• There once was a beatiful Aster,
    Her cheeks quite red with short green hair,
    with a lovely well defined round nose
    always pointing up in the air.
    She was quite slim with great posture.
    Sadly though she stood alone.
    This did not impede her in standing proud;
    in fact it's what really made her stand out.
    She stood in the sun
    and even the rain.
    Her face never crumpled,
    nor did she ever bow,
    for Aster felt powerful from within.

    One day upon her life a boy walked by.
    She seized his attention
    halting his adventure to a stop.
    He picked her out of the crowd,
    Seeing what beauty she beheld.
    He treated her with gentle care,
    as though she was fragile.
    He sat upon some steps
    holding her tight and stroking her face.
    Then opened a door behind him,
    out came a squeaky voice
    telling him he must go.
    This made his love of Aster turn sour.
    He began plucking her petals,
    playing the love me not game.

    When all her petals were gone, he threw her aside.
    Into the trust of a patch of lillies and such.
    There she decayed,
    but fortunatly the seeds from her did grow
    She rose in the protection of others she grew to know.
    She became quite defined.
    Her cheeks even brighter than what they once were.
    Her hair less greener from the experience of love.
    Ever more did her nose point up in the air,
    and ever more did she stand tall.
    This time she was not alone.
    Loved by Almost all.