• I have never felt so ashamed of myself
    for breaking your heart when you loved me.
    I ruined your dreams of marrying me
    and having an Olympian daughter named Katie.
    Your promise of eating ice cream, riding rollercoasters,
    and giving me a full body kissing
    will never come true since you're gone.
    We dreamed of running away from our lives,
    but I ended up making you run from me.
    I abused you too much with insults
    and my love for an a*****e drove you away.
    Deep in my hurt and broken heart,
    I wanted you to stay with me.
    Those painkillers I abused with for months
    served as a painful and torturous punishment.
    I just want to know if you ever think of me
    because your girlfriend resembles me so much.
    For almost a year and a half now,
    I continuously dreamed of talking to you again
    just so I could finally say I am sorry.
    You may not care about me anymore.
    I deserve to be treated this way,
    but for God's sake I just want to see you!
    I don't care if you manipulate me again.
    Promises were never meant to be broken.
    So just hear me say how sorry I truly am...
    I am so sorry, Erik...