• I lay here alone
    But no longer afraid
    No more regret
    And not myself to blame

    I'm sitting and I'm waiting
    For the one to come around
    The one to see me
    And to see only me alone

    Not objects, not looks
    Not my job or my money
    Just only me
    And only me alone

    For my attitude
    And my nature
    And to pick me up
    When I am down

    To be there other half
    To be with them when they are down
    To be one they can call "there's"
    And them to be "mine"

    Like 2 missing pieces
    To a puzzle
    just waiting to be found

    So I piece together this puzzle
    And I fail many times
    But I will find yours
    And you will mine as well

    So again...

    I lay here alone
    But no longer afraid
    I stay hopeful and true
    In my hopes to find you