• I stare at a leaf for a moment
    It burning into my memory
    The shape, color, and stem
    As beautiful as a golden flower

    I began to sit there in wonder
    How perfect a leaf it was
    But as the seasons pass
    It diminishes on to the forest floor

    It wasn't long after that
    I search for the tree
    With the perfect leaves
    That resembled a golden flower

    Beautiful trees I pass
    There trunks so tall
    Branches so long
    But none that looked like the perfect one

    As the warm breeze hit my face
    And all the scents of pine around
    I continue on my search
    For the tree with the perfect leaf

    Gorgeous things I saw
    But nothing that I seeked
    The sun is going down
    And my journey to an end

    I turn around to see
    The sunset fill the sky
    Of reds blues and purples
    On the beautiful open sky