• She eyed them
    The tubes and things
    The things she was always attached to

    She was resigned to this
    Essentially, her functions were artificial
    She shorted the name to "dialysis"

    It was more than that
    But saying so much would tire her
    Either way, it was life support

    Her blood was toxic, a poison
    And the disease had destroyed her body
    Wracking her psyche

    She had fallen apart
    And she was put together
    "Quality" wasn't a thing anymore

    She was "alive", suffice enough to say
    But her freedom was limited to her machines
    And she'd most likely die otherwise

    She could be resigned
    But she didn’t want to die
    Not yet, as she didn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction

    Of course, did she consider "immortality" worth it?

    She couldn't answer that
    She wasn't dead and, yet
    She wasn't entirely alive

    She would call being attached to machines "Limbo".

    She was chained
    Her life lacked "Quality"
    And her functions would be restarted once they ceased

    She was resigned
    She had little control over this
    "Nothing to do about it."

    Her blood was a poison
    And her body and psyche were ravaged by disease
    "Dialysis" was a lesser evil

    In comparison

    She would sit, resigned
    Listening to the whiring and stirrings of the machines
    While she counted

    Counted how long
    How long until
    The machines could no longer function

    Then, one could say she'd probably be free.