• Will the circle be unbroken?
    These ripped heartstrings are my token.
    A past that dwells like a whisper in the night.
    A future that quells the quiet war i fight.
    Quiet mind burning to show thoughts empathy.
    Loud soul mis-spelling  quiet minds sympathy.
    What mind, body, and soul feel
    Is what ignorance would try to swiftly steal.
    For my heart didn't quake with infatuated desires,
    It swelld with what love admires.
    Mostly of what eyes portrayed, eyes in which my heart grew delayed.
    Smile gave way to fears dispelled,
    One of which whos match was unparalleled.
    Little did my mind grow aware,
    Of the thoughts the eyes hid there.
    Ignorance strikes a fatal blow.
    One of which eyes will never know.
    Now the chest in which said heart be bound,
    resides the ruins of a foundation which was once sound.
    Years of war had finally toppled this castle into dust,
    But king still sit on throne unmoved, unmatched, and unthrust.
    Still the king longed for the eyes to see,
    That the quiet heart will always have eyes for she.