• Our whole relationship was built on your lies
    You said you never lie to me
    My heart shattered into a million pieces

    you said you never lie to me again
    things were good till you lied again
    I trusted you and you broke it

    When you were upset
    you made me think it was my fault
    I’m sick of playing your mind games

    My mom put me in therapy
    Because of you
    You made me unhappy

    Im breaking up with you again
    I should have never given you a another chance
    Im sick of getting hurt by you

    When we ended things
    I smile for the first time

    You keep asking me why I was smiling
    I kept smiling because I was free from you

    Threatening me all you want
    I never will be your friend
    I hate you

    Stalk me on your friends phone all you want
    I will always find out it’s you
    I will always block you
    I will never text you back

    A piece of me I will never get back
    Died because of you

    I’m happier
    your out of my life
    I now truly smile