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Homestuck inspired troll related b/c 

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:10 pm
User Image

There's a chill in the air as the leaves shift their colors with the return of the autumn season. The air is cooler, plants begin to droop and most importantly, the flamboyant seasonal decorations of Fright Night start to spring up in stores and lawns. This sweep is no exception and a massive advertising campaign unleashes itself to lure trolls to the Haunted Hive on the Hill.

Rumors say it used to belong to an old seadweller who dove every night from the tops of the cliff the hive rests on to his second home beneath the waves. Until a tragic accident sweeping him into the rocks ended his ritual permanently... Recently the hive was snatched off the market by a Lorata Gorgos and her sirens to be transformed into the greatest Fright Night tribute they could think of!

Come one, come all to catch a glimpse of a ghost or a monster and spend an evening walking the line between terrifying imagination and horrific reality! The hive boasts four unique flavors of spooky, can you brave them all?


Something wicked this way comes!

Characters will navigate through a haunted hive decorated by the Civisect Sirens to test their courage and embarrass wimps. Reach the end and you get some candy, a toy medal and a free application to join the JROTC! SHEshell and Gorgos merchandise is also available for purchase if desired.

Players will roll 2d12 once every day. Posts must be filled with 30 words by the end of the event to be eligible for prizes. The first dice determines which section of the hive you've wandered into and which siren's list to consult! The second one determines your spooky prompt from a list. Keep a running total of your daily rolls added together and once you hit 70 points, you have braved the entire hive and found the exit. Collect your prizes and celebrate!

Note: You may RP traveling through the house in groups but each character must hit their own individual milestone of 70+ points to exit the house.

Customized bobblehead art prizes will be awarded to the first and last trolls to complete the entire course. An additional prize will be awarded to the best rp response to one of the prompts (please submit or nominate entries to Yamashii or Doutei and the judges will confer). All bobblehead prizes are one per user so you cannot win more than one. However, you can compete on multiple characters if you like, you just won't win more than one prize.

Players may earn a max of 1 EP per user for completing the haunted hive game to the end (rolling 70+ points). You may play the game with multiple characters if you like but only win 1 EP total from this event.

We reserve the right to announce double rolling rounds, etc as we see fit. This event runs until the end of October 31st! Posts after November 1st 12:00 AM (PDT) will no longer count towards the event.  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:11 pm
User Image
In this example, the first roll is 11 which means you would consult Scorpa's list and look for the 10th prompt listed. You would also add 10 to your total score, working towards 70 points to finish.

Once you've hit 70+ points, submit your final score by posting this completed form in the event thread. Remember, the last troll to finish the event also wins a prize so it's never too late to start!

[quote="Haunted Hive on the Hill"][color=orange][size=24]💀[b]WHO YOU GONNA CALL?[/b]💀[/size][/color]
[size=11][color=blueviolet][b]Character Name:[/b][/color] name here
[color=#6FC10B][b]Total Score:[/b][/color] score here[/size]

Hive Sections
1-3. Lorata Section
4-6. Flydra Dromen
7-9. Austri Coriol
10-12. Scorpa Devile  



PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:12 pm

Haunted Gallery
1. You turn around and a statue is suddenly RIGHT BEHIND YOU!
2. There's a yelp, a crash, and running footsteps. One of the statues is in pieces on the floor when you investigate, but that's it. Was it an accident?
3. Some of the statues are wrapped in chains. In the flickering light, they writhe and struggle.
4. You pass the portrait of a regal old seadweller. Immediately after, there's a thud. When you look back, it's an empty frame!
5. Unlike the regal statues of the room before, these just look like a bunch of screaming kids and teens. Wait a minute...didn't the kid that went in before you have those exact same horns?
6. You're pretty sure the eyes of the paintings on the wall are following you around the room.
7. You slip on a small puddle of water. Trying to see where it came from, you see a trail of wet footsteps leading towards a shadowed seadweller statue.
8. The ominous background noise suddenly skips and cuts to a staticy recording of SHEshell's JROTC song for a minute before switching back. Huh.
9. The bust of a seadweller opens its mouth and screams as you walk by.
10. Hands stretch out of paintings to grab at you as you hurry down the hallway!
11. You hear a scream from the room ahead, but nothing seems out of place when you get there except for a splash of spilled paint at the base of a statue. It is paint, isn't it?
12. The flickering lights go out. When they come back on, every statue has moved and turned towards you in a threatening pose!

Haunted Hospital
1. You enter a room filled with heavily injured and deathly ill patients all groaning and howling in pain from their beds. Their eyes lock on you and they physically chase you until you leave the room!
3. Oops, you accidentally knocked some glass test tubes to the floor. Crash! Are you gonna have to pay for this?!
4. Light illuminates a curtain and you can see the shadow of something on a bed suddenly sit up and look towards you.
5. You walk down a hallway filled with trays of needles, syringes and coolers filled with bags of blood.
6. A voice recording drifts out from behind a closed door, the pitch continuously lowering, "The doctor will see you now..."
7. The next room has a flickering light over a corpse on an operating table speckled with blood. The next time the lights flicker, the body is gone!
8. The sound of a heartbeat monitor is getting rapidly louder and faster as you get closer to it. When you open the next door, it completely flatlines.
9. You find a file with an incredibly high hospital bill and a scribble that looks like your name on it, yikes! Some spooks are too real.
10. There is something wet on the ground and it smells kind of gross. If you lean down to look at it, a vent blows cold air on your neck!
11. You open a closet door to find a horrifying cupboard of brains and organs in jars. There's a cart filled with limbs as well?!
12. Score! You found the receptionist's desk filled with free lollipops. They look like eyeballs on sticks though...

Haunted Lighthouse
1. You think you hear the voices of two wigglers giggling as you enter the room. The door creaks slams shut behind you.
2. You step in a puddle. Wet socks. The truest horror.
3. As you walk into a room, a greenblood is sitting there, working on some sort of prop. She glares at you and points at the "DO NOT ENTER" sign in front. "It was supposed to be taken seriously y'know!" You are quickly ushered out.
4. As you walk up the metal, creaky stairs, one step falls out from under you. You struggle some before realizing-- On the step in front of you, you see a severed arm.
5. Every step in this room is creaky and the lights are dim. There is an unpredictable thwump every few minutes.
6. You walk past a door that says "DO NOT ENTER." You think you hear occasional groans coming from the inside.
7. As you walk up the steps, something falls outside the windows. Or wait-- Was that someone?
8. Windchimes echo through the hive that send shivers down your spine. It sounds more like shrieking.
9. You walk up the stairs only to see a body, bound and limp, with a bag covering its head and what you can only guess is paint on the front. Is this... real?
10. There's a sea shell. You pick it up to listen to the ocean. It's a recording of one of the heiress's speeches. Not the ocean sounds you were expecting, but it's blood pusher thumper.
11. There are broken glasses on top of what looks like a journal opened up to a page. If you decide to flip through them, the words eventually die out, replaced by splatters of something that smelled foul.
12. There is a pile of rope with string reaching from the bottom of the lighthouse to the top. If you squint you think you can see a noose hanging from there.

Haunted Toy Store
1. You spot a giant troll sized nutcracker with something in its mouth. At its feet lies a headless corpse.
2. Up ahead sits a bubbling cauldron labeled 'candy' with horns and bones floating in it. If you lean in for a peek, a motorized hand reaches out of the cauldron at you!
3. A teddy bear mascot spots you and lets out a loud whistle. Several more bear mascots pop out of random places and run towards you! They smother you in a group hug. As they leave you notice blood on their paws. Upon request the bears are willing to take a selfie with you.
4. Bathroom break! Each stall has a furby that stares at you. When you reach to flush, it snaps it's beak.
5. A giant jawbreaker crashes down the stairs and rolls towards you! It curves into a nearby door at the last second, missing you!
6. The next room is dark with a ton of little red eyes watching you. Upon reaching the door out, the lights flicker on to reveal several toy monkeys with cymbals on their hands! They crash their cymbals and shriek until you're out of sight.
7. A jack-the-box springs out right beside you! When you take your next step another one springs down from the ceiling?!
8. A toy car whizzes right under your feet!
9. A plate of little squishy rainbow snacks sits with a sign 'eat if you dare'. Underneath the table are an assortment of corpses with fruit for heads? If you eat the snack you discover a fruit liquid inside!
10. Inside this door is a room full of destroyed toys littered across the floor. Blood is splashed up the walls and around the area.
11. Animatronic dolls moan at you while clawing at their sewn shut mouths.
12. Dance break! You enter a room to discover you're on a stage with a spotlight on you! A full party of dancing toys applaud and encourage you to dance! Those who refuse to dance are tossed into the punishment pit full of glitter before they can proceed.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:19 pm

F R E E B I E S:
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
A fruit flavored candy wrapped in a colorful manner. The gray ones taste kind of gross.

User Image
A glossy pamphlet promoting the JROTC. It's filled with pro-military propaganda and steps to joining the JROTC. There is a coupon to redeem for a discount on Gorgos merchandise inside.

C O M P L E T E x T H E x E V E N T:

A variety of prizes with specific win conditions are listed below. In order to claim a medal your character must have finished the Haunted Hive event with +70 points. The medals can be claimed regardless of whether or not your troll managed to roll to visit the specific themed wing. Other prizes that do require having visited specific wings will note the requirement below with their item description.

User Image
This medal shows you completed the Haunted Toy Store. Lollies and Toy Cars and Bears, oh my!

User Image
This medal shows you completed the Haunted Gallery. Each of your screams was a masterpiece!

User Image
This medal shows you completed the Haunted Hospital. Somehow it smells like hand sanitizer no matter what you do.

Haunted Lighthouse medal to be added later.

More prizes to be added later, check back!  


Skyli Peep rolled 2 12-sided dice: 4, 9 Total: 13 (2-24)

Skyli Peep

Shameless Man-Lover

22,650 Points
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:32 pm
        The hospital. Of all the places the ladies had to stick him in, it had to be the hospital.

        Mahmud shuddered as he walked the halls and scanned his environment. Spooky sterile environment? Check. Seriously whack JROTC squad? Double, triple, quadruple check. Knowing that it was very likely he was being observed for their amusement? Yuuuuup. Yup. Check that straight off the list, too. How they managed to set up this haunted house so well was beyond him, though... did they use Lorata's funds? Did they hire people to help set up? Was he overthinking things just to ignore the fact that the last time he had seen a hospital well... did anyone ever have a good time in the hospital?

        Lightning flashed (or was it just lighting? damn, that was realistic) and Mahmud shuddered, cringing away from the flash... and thats when it caught his eye. On the blank, white counter nearby was a file. Now Mahmud wasn't a... oh who was he kidding, he was totally a nosy person. Plus like, a file in a haunted house was just begging to be looked at. Fingers inched towards the file... and then quickly whipped it open. As Mahmud opened it, he yanked his hand back and threw his head around, looking for any sign of life in the labyrinthine setting. Nope. Nobody. Only some horrified screams coming out from somewhere indiscernible. Please let that be in another part of the house he prayed mentally, I don’t want to deal with that. Not tonight.

        Once he had deemed it safe, Mahmud craned over to gaze at the files… hey. Wait. Was this his name? What the—did that mean anyone who was walking by would have seen his info?! Or was someone hiding just to prank him? Upon further inspection there were some… WIMPY? What kind of note was THAT to put in a fake medical record? What the heck?! There was another paper in the file, and when he yanked that out and brought it close to his face to inspect, well, that was the last straw.

        ”A BILL ARE YOU KIDDING ME Mahmud’s voice echoed off the walls as he looked up to the ceiling and started thrashing his bill around, screaming at absolutely nobody. ”You’re BILLING me to be here, what the hell?!” That’s when he realized: if he left that file out in the open people would get to read his “wimpy” status. Cheeks growing dark, he snatched up the file and stuffed it under his arm, grumbling. ”This better be fake! Wherever you are, this had better be a fake bill or I swear I’ll… I’LL…” Whatever “this” was, what he would do to the ladies, it was punctuated with a few weird jabbing motions with his hands and a couple good air kicks.
tenaciousgadabout rolled 2 12-sided dice: 9, 10 Total: 19 (2-24)
PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 6:39 pm
There's a sea shell. You pick it up to listen to the ocean. It's a recording of one of the heiress's speeches. Not the ocean sounds you were expecting, but it's blood pusher thumper.

”Yessss, this is gonna be sooooo sick!!!”

Makkah made her way up to the dilapidated hive before her. The second she learned the Sirens were putting on a shindig, she knew she had to be there. They were, as she had described in her journal at home many a time before, “all that and a bag of chips.” She was determined to impress them with her bravery in hopes she might get to hang out with them. She walked forward, not paying much mind to her route as she meandered about, before finding herself on the beach. She paused, hearing noise from the ground. An eery voice shouted softly from the shell at her feet.

”I-I ain’t scared o’ you, weird shell thing! I’m gonna get through this without getting spooked once! Then the s-Sirens are gonna think I’m super rad and we’re g-gonna be best friends, g-get the picture?!”

The conch offered no change in tone as it continued shouting. Slowly, the highblood girl knelt down, wincing as she picked it up and brought it up to her ear. It was...the Heiress? With a blank expression on her face, she began mulling over how the lovely highest-of-all-bloods could possibly be scary. She was all the rage right now, wasn't she? It had to be the case, as Makkah had already written that in her journal at home, in ink!

She put the conch back down.

”Maybe I’m like, out of bounds, or whatever?”

Point Total: 10!  


nepsah rolled 2 12-sided dice: 11, 11 Total: 22 (2-24)


Malevolent Mage

PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:57 pm

11. Animatronic dolls moan at you while clawing at their sewn shut mouths.

Boredom and a slight interest in seeing what the SHEshells were up to had brought Deimos to the haunted hive. Mostly because Flydra had seemed interesting, even if Scorpa was annoying. His exercises with their friend and Bloodfest taskmaster Austri had even been entertaining. Unfortunately for him, upon entering he'd wound up in a Scorpa-themed zone of the hive. A toy store of all places. Grumbling to himself as he made his way through the hive, trying not to get too jumped out.

It wasn't that toys necessarily scared him or anything, but he hadn't exactly been sleeping well and... toys did seem to take on a life of their own when one's mind wasn't exactly well rested. He actually had to stop and reassess his continuing through the hive once the animatronics started up. They edged right onto uncanny valley in the dim lighting - a little too uncomfortable for his tastes. Instead he shuddered and pushed on. He'd never live it down if he backed out of something stupid like a haunted hive.

Points: 11
PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:31 pm
User Image
For the next 24 hours from the time of this post, you may roll 2d12 twice and add both results to your score. Happy hauntings to you!


tenaciousgadabout rolled 2 12-sided dice: 10, 4 Total: 14 (2-24)


PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:13 pm
Bathroom break! Each stall has a furby that stares at you. When you reach to flush, it snaps it's beak.

Makkah made her way from the beach back over to the entrance, trying to get a sense of where to start. More than any planned frights of the evening, the young highblood was worried that the Sirens would look down on her for not even being able to figure out where she was supposed to start!

Walking into an old building in a state of disrepair, the child wandered in, unaware of what lay inside. However, before she could find any good scares to brave, she saw the sign for the bathroom and decided maybe it was a good idea to use it first. Just to be safe.

Walking into the room she was immediately accosted by the staring eyes of several outdated nightmare toys from sweeps past. Makkah of course, recognized them immediately.

”Woah, what are you little dudes doin' in here?! Tryin' to like, freak people out huh? I can dig it.” The purpleblood chose a stall as she addressed them, picking one up and tussling its fur warmly. The cold eyes of the monstrosity stared back, vacant.

”I need you to wait out here though, is that chill with you? Just a sec, good buddy.”

Makkah placed the creature on the bathroom floor and closed the stall door behind her for some privacy. Upon finishing and going to flush however, the sound of a plastic beak snapping shut loudly met her hand, which she quickly yanked away. The furry evil totem was somehow perched atop the toilet once again. The girl reeled back in horror.

”UGH! What's your deal, thing!? And to think I thought we were gonna be haunted house partners. As if!! Keep it unflushed for all I care, ya little gremlin!”

Washing her hands, she made a quick escape from the facilities. Can't trust anyone these days!

Point Total: 14!  
nepsah rolled 2 12-sided dice: 11, 5 Total: 16 (2-24)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:44 pm

A giant jawbreaker crashes down the stairs and rolls towards you! It curves into a nearby door at the last second, missing you!

Ugh, did this toystore set up ever end? As he worked his way through the hive, he was trying not to get too distracted by the decorations - it'd be easier to get freaked out that way, after all. Unfortunately his refusal to focus on any one thing for too long left him unaware of the jawbreaker until it was crashing down the stairs. Panic shot through him before he had the chance to consider whether or not it was actually going to do anything. He jerked to the side, just as it... curved away. Wow.

Points: 11


Malevolent Mage

nepsah rolled 2 12-sided dice: 6, 1 Total: 7 (2-24)


Malevolent Mage

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 4:46 pm

1. You enter a room filled with heavily injured and deathly ill patients all groaning and howling in pain from their beds. Their eyes lock on you and they physically chase you until you leave the room!

After the jawbreaker experience, Dei had opted to try any door he could to move into a different part of the hive. His initial relief to find something that was definitely not a haunted toystore was immediately forgotten when the sounds from the patients hit his ears.

Oh no.
Oh no.

He couldn't open the door again to go back into the toyhouse part of the hive - apparently it locked behind him. Nervous, he pressed himself up against the door as he weighed his options. Wait- were they even real patients?

That was answered the moment one of them got up and started for him. "Aaugh ******** no...!" He rolled along the door to one side then pushed himself off the wall, immediately searching for the nearest exit. Okay, maybe the toystore wasn't so bad. He'd seen enough medical equipment for a while.

Points: 17
tenaciousgadabout rolled 2 12-sided dice: 7, 3 Total: 10 (2-24)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 6:33 pm
As you walk into a room, a greenblood is sitting there, working on some sort of prop. She glares at you and points at the "DO NOT ENTER" sign in front. "It was supposed to be taken seriously y'know!" You are quickly ushered out.

Makkah wandered further, still not sure of where to start. She came across a door labelled "DO NOT ENTER" in big bold letters. This must be it! That is totally what a Haunted House sign would say! The highblood pushed the door open, slowly peeking her head in to see what awaited her in this next room of horrors.
Inside sat a taller greenblood, furiously tinkering with a prop she couldn't quite see. Hearing the creak of the door, the greenblood's head whipped around, an icy cold stare aimed directly at Makkah. Her twin-tails flew up in response, flopping over her shoulders.


The girl leapt up in fright.

The greenblood's arm flung forward, an accusatory point not at Makkah, but at the sign above her head. "DO NOT ENTER"
"It was supposed to be taken seriously y'know!!"

Makkah, thankfully shrouded in darkness, closed the door quick as she could and sputtered away, hiding behind a dusty cabinet. He pumpbiscuit was hammering away now.

”Oh man, oh man, I hope she didn't see me! Could she have seen me?! She had to have seen me!! Awe man, why am I such a lame-wad?! I can't even find the stinkin' entrance to this dumb haunted place!!”

It was certainly the most genuine fright the girl had received so far!

Point Total: 17!  


stringency rolled 2 12-sided dice: 5, 3 Total: 8 (2-24)


Sexy Goat

PostPosted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:21 pm
Frendo was literally vibrating with excited energy as he entered the ~Haunted Hospital~. How cool was it that these trolls(including the AMAZING Flydra, doctor extraordinaire) had set up something as amazing as this spooky adventure? Frendo couldn't think of anything better to do then go get frightened and feel his blood pump hard through his veins.

Of course, no one would even assume he was scared, what with the massive smile on his face and the way he giggled as he walked down the desolate halls, though those who couldn't see him might hear his high pitched laughter and wonder if it was a part of the whole theme. a mad patient escaped or something like that perhaps.

He continued his giggling and and smiling until he came into a room full of all kinds of beakers and tubes full of fluids. The little orangeblood eagerly looked into each glass container, enjoying the creepy shudders that raced down his spine as he looked through the variety of fluids and such. How spooky!! Too bad Laughdads was such a scaredy cat, it would have been nice to have someone to talk about how cool this all was!

Frendo continued to amble around the room and look at the creepy set up until a certain beaker of dirty orange caught his eye. He scurried over and, after glancing around to see if anyone was looking, he plucked the beaker off the counter and eyed its contents. Gosh, that sure looked a lot like his blood color! Of course, he couldn't really remember giving that much blood to Flydra, but it was cool to see his shade amongst the other liquids. He smiled, swirled the little container and then went to place it back when his arm bumped another set of tubes on the counter.

He tried to catch them, he really did, but it was too late, the deed was done, and with a shattering crash, a variety of tubes and liquid fell to the floor. Frendo wondered for a moment about cleaning them up, but the contents were starting to smoke a little, so he quickly rushed out of the room and onto the next.

Hopefully no one noticed he had broken something...

Skyli Peep rolled 2 12-sided dice: 5, 4 Total: 9 (2-24)
PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:41 am
        Where the hell were those sirens?! Why he was gonna give them a piece of his freakin' mind for this bill, once he found them!

        Grumbling and marching onward through the haunted hospital, Mahmud started to search every nook and cranny. Though he didn't want to admit to it... there was something really impressive about this whole endeavor. Pffft. It must be easy, having a loaded friend like Lorata who could dole out the beetles to get such a setup... but it was nice. What wasn't nice was this damn hospital bill.

        So deep in his thoughts, and searching for all the little details... when the lights flashed and the figure sat up, Mahmud lost his crap. He totally (maybe) gave a small shriek and booked it down the hallway. "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE"

        Note to self: Don't see the forest for the trees, next time.

9+4 = 13

Skyli Peep

Shameless Man-Lover

22,650 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Sausage Fest 200
  • Nudist Colony 200
Skyli Peep rolled 2 12-sided dice: 8, 11 Total: 19 (2-24)

Skyli Peep

Shameless Man-Lover

22,650 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Sausage Fest 200
  • Nudist Colony 200
PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 7:42 am
        Oh great. A lighthouse! A lighthouse was only mildly spooky, in comparison to that freaking hospital! Kinda. Sorta. Not really, okay it wasn't okay this may be even spookier. A hospital, he at least knew what to expect. Here? He hadn't even been near a lighthouse before. What would make it spooky?

        So far just the atmosphere was thoroughly spooky, but nothing that jumped out literally so far... that worked... but wait. What was this?

        Last time he dared poke around somewhere, he had found a bill. When he saw a notebook on the table, though... well... again, curiosity got the better of him. "Mmm?" Slowly he turned through the pages... hunh. These look like actual notes... that was... kinda neat! Not that he wanted to give credit to those girls. As the pages went on though, splotches began to appear on them, and they smelt bad...

        Ew. EW. Did they... did they actually use REAL BLOOD?

        Just how out there were they... or were they crazy good at propwork...

13 + 11 = 24
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