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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:48 pm
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Welcome to the ORP thread for the Naiadpalooza Meta event! We're all so glad you could join us for this occasion!

All Naiads, old and new, are welcome to join in the Meta RP below. There are news updates for those already living on Telrunya and information for the new arrivals from the sea and how they found their way here. There will be lots of new faces to introduce to life in the lake and around Telrunya, so mix, mingle,
and make some friends while we wait to hear the important announcements from Queen Tariel!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:49 pm
Continuing from previous events in Tidal Waves


The Queen hadn't been seen publicly for some time. Of course, many rumors circled, but few came close to the truth. For once, it seemed there was a tight net cast around any secrets escaping until the involved parties were ready. After nearly a full moon's cycle, the Queen returned to the public and began making preparations for a grand celebration. It was to be a gala to end all, being called a Homecoming Inauguration, but there was a new announcement to be made as well: the presentation of two new baby princesses!


The Calling went out broad, but subtle. Sea creatures from all ends of the world could feel it. But the specal sea creatures - those born and evolved from lost Naiad pearls - would feel it in their soul. It beckoned them home. They couldn't explain it if asked. A calling. They were being compelled to go...somewhere. They wouldn't know until they got there. The path was clear as crystal in the minds of the lost Naiad. They intuitively knew where to go. Even if they swam from thousands and thousands miles away.

Drawn from all corners of the ocean, the travelers found themselves centering on an island...but the destination lay further than the coast. How? Circling the island, they would find a lagoon fed by a river that traveled further inland. Follow it. They must go. The water beckoned, drawing the Naiad through the waterways of the island. They would swim towards a beacon, standing tall from the top of the water, down to the depths of the lake. Below the water, a grand temple glowed with magical light from an unknown source. The finned lake residents had already been gathering within, following the corridors towards the throne room of the palace. The new arrivals would receive some curious glances at first, but their obvious aquatic nature would cause the security team to allow them through.

A comforting feeling would wash over each traveler as they swam closer to the source of all life. The Water Element. The protecting, life-giving, and healing element from which all Naiad are born and drawn to. With each new arrival, a new little spark, looking like a tiny fish swimming in a bowl would light up in the globe that is the Water Element. The globe is huge, like a giant enclosed fishbowl behind the Queen's throne.



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PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:23 pm
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"I want constant patrols near the surface entrance to the temple. I wouldn't think the Blood Pae foolish enough to try something on our own turf, but I'm not taking any risks, not with something this important. Regular patrols around the castle exterior, split shifts, so we're never without coverage, got it?" A chorus of salutes and affirmative 'yes, sir!'s answered Turin's orders and he dismissed them to their posts with a nod.

"Now, sir, about the appetizers. Shrimp puffs? Or skewers?"

Taking a slow inhale, the Naiad Captain pinched the ridge between his eyes as he asked the Waters for patience. Security and tactics...that he could handle. Party planning? Not so much. Still, he was trying to keep the burden from Tariel as much as possible. She had enough on her plate at the moment to deal with.

"Unless I'm making some horrible entertaining faux pas, can I say...both?"

"Whatever you wish, sir!"

A tiny rush of bubbles accompanied Turin's 'sigh' as he watched the host hurry back to the kitchens. Oh good, another crisis averted. Now, before anyone else could find him to ask him more questions about kelp salads or coral centerpieces, he took a wary look around and darted back into one of the corridors. He had a no-nonsense look about him, though his pace was leisurely. Perhaps no one would stop him again and he'd be free to entertain his own thoughts before reaching the throne room.

The last month had been one of the roughest of his life and the strain was still barely hidden. At least, those in the know understood the tiredness in his eyes; but mixed with that exhaustion was so much elation. His world had nearly come crashing down around him the day that Tariel had barely told him that she was pregnant, then collapsed. To rise so high, then fall so fast, he'd been sent spinning and when he'd rushed off to the infirmary with her, he'd had little else on his mind except saving his love and the little ones she carried that they'd made together.

The infirmary staff (sworn to dire secrecy) had done everything in their power to stabilize the Queen and prevent complications for the babies, but the shock to her system had triggered early labor and there was little they could do to stop it. The twins were born early, too early they feared. They had been so small...two precious, tiny little girls...and so weak. Tariel had recovered, but never left the infirmary, staying at the twins' sides round the clock. Turin was there nearly as often, only leaving to get things for himself and Tariel to keep up the vigil. He had been so terrified of losing Tariel, and now these two tiny little lives that hung in the balance...

Waters bless those healing hands, he thought to himself thinking of the diligent caretakers in the infirmary. It had been a long, rocky road, but slowly the girls had begun to stabilize, getting stronger and bigger every day. When Tariel had finally made the decision to return to public and allow the news of their little ones' birth to be made known, they'd both decided it best that the kingdom didn't need to know all the details of their birth. Only they and the infirmary staff need know the dangerous path those little princesses had taken to get here.

Honestly, Turin was looking forward to retreating from the public eye again to get some rest. When was the last time he'd had a decent night's sleep? However, there was business to be done. And besides that, now that the news was out about the princesses, they had to give the queendom something or they'd never leave them alone! Entering the throne room, Turin headed towards the glowing globe at the far end where an elegant figure hovered before it. He'd felt the call go out a while ago, a silent, wordless summon, beckoning all those connected to the Waters to come here. He felt relief wash over him like a soothing wave, though perhaps more so than the others who would follow. It was not only the Waters that called him here.

Slipping his arms around the waist of the elegant figure by the globe, he rested his chin on Tariel's shoulder to whisper in her earfin, "How are my favorite girls doing today? Everyone ready?"
PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:39 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Tariel, Queen of all naiads, casually hovered near the Water globe, laying her cheek against the soft, pliable surface. Her fingertips gently gliding over the surface and poking the "nose" of the curious little glowing fish. The new little lights popping up filled Tariel with joy. A type of joy from within, from her memories from long ago and her sense of duty. it was different than the pure, joyful love she felt for the little girls wiggling around in their small clamshell bassinette. After the turmoil and darkness she'd been through over the past month, the inner peace she felt at this moment was amazing. Communing with the element she watched all the new souls emerge. Her energy was revitalizing and she could feel the healing power surround her and fill the Great Hall and grow to surround the entire palace.

Alu Spring was alight with a new energy

Alu ....

The Awakening jarred her mind and body, her. Was she Alu now? Did Alu live inside her now? Was Alu watching everything? Alu's memories were her's now, and it has been difficult to come to terms with what happened. The visions and the memories haunted her for the past month. Every second of every day she was in the infirmary with those tiny little souls. Whenever Tariel closed her eyes, she only saw Alu's life, as if her own didn't exist anymore. She was afraid to sleep. Even sleepless and exhausted in the infirmary was preferable to sleep.

Tua, her Mellon, had insisted that she get some sleep once the okay was given and the girls were big enough and healthy enough to come "home" to their own nursery. Well, not the nursery yet, she kept the small tadpoles near her in her chambers, where Turin and her babies could all be close to her. The little family curled around each other every night. Tariel relied on Turin's presence, strength, his spirit, and soul to keep her grounded and Alu out of her mind.

The touch of her consort brought a shiver up her spine and she closed her eyes and smiled. "Better now that you are here," she whispered.

"Do you see the lights?" Tariel guided Turin's hand to the globe to feel the energy. "They're returning." She nodded towards the new lights.

Usually, the little fish lights swarm near Tariel and her touch, but this day, they showed more curiosity and attention to the two little souls beside the queen.

((For those new to our story, Alu is the original Queen of Naiads, Protector of the Water Element. She died tragically at the beginning of the first Great War. She has been reborn as Tariel, who years ago learned she is the reincarnated queen. Recent events have caused her to awaken to her full power and potential. And she now knows everything that her former self knew.))  

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:36 pm
Chuckling at Tariel's response, Turin then directed his attention to the globe. The surface was pliable and warm beneath his hand. He could indeed see the tiny 'fish' within and spared a smile at their seeming curious nature. "There's so many," he said finally with a hint of wonder, noting far more of the lights than he had ever seen before since they arrived in the lake. From what Tariel had told him, he'd expected some new arrivals, but...that was a fair number more than he'd expected initially. After a moment, he seemed to shake off the thought and continued, "I've already prepped the security patrols to expect some new faces. Though this many coming all the way from the sea...hope we have enough food," he joked, punctuating the comment with another chuckle.

Lacing his fingers with hers, Turin leaned in to give Tariel a quick kiss, then turned his eyes towards the tiny wiggling tadpoles nearby with a smile. "Well then, I suppose we'd better get these two ready to meet their adoring public. If we've got all this company coming, we'd better hurry and get ready to welcome them." Even as tired as he was from the previous month's events as well as the immediate planning for this celebration, there was no denying the joy and happiness present in the Captain's manner. Besides, just one more party, then maybe they could relax and let things quiet down for a while and get some rest.


The new arrivals would find the call guiding them through possibly unfamiliar halls to the vast throne room of the palace where the Queen and her Consort, the Captain of the Guard are welcoming guests. There are also a number of court attendants about who will be happy to assist in providing explanations and tours of the castle to those new arrivals from the sea.

In the meantime, while the guests are still arriving and before the Queen makes her announcements, there are a number of side entertainment halls set up to host the many guests expected. One hall is set up solely for dining, with every type of special underwater delicacy imaginable, plus a few provided by the Naiad's land dwelling allies the Faun. There are appetizers, kelp salads, grilled and raw fish and shellfish, and even some sweet desserts. Waterproof pouches hold wine and spirits, as the Naiad aren't about to let a little thing like living underwater keep them from indulging in alcohol.

The sounds of music flow from another hall. A collection of musicians are playing songs within and many Naiad have taken to the dance 'floor'. The aquatic Pae are well known to love a good party, and they're not about to pass up a reason to celebrate and make the most of life. Dancers whirl and twist to the music, trading partners and filling the room with energetic movement.
PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, 2017 6:17 pm
Welcome to the ORP!

We've got a lot of new faces, so we put together some important info below to review before you jump in! Think of it as a refresher for oldbies and the Sparknotes/flash cards version for newbies!

  • Tuatha'Ri Lake is in the middle of the island known as Telrunya. It is home to the Naiad. In the middle of the lake is a grand tower that glows all the way down into the depths, resting on the bottom. It is a grand palace, surrounded by a grand garden, amphitheater, and other features to allow the underwater denizens a comfortable, welcoming experience. Naiad are more hedonistic in nature and lovers of the arts. Music and theater play an important part in their culture.

  • Within the palace, naiad can choose to live among the hundreds of apartments of the magnificent tower named for the original and first naiad: Alu Spring.

  • Alu was killed tragically, but thousands of years later she was reborn in the Aernyn naiad Tariel. She has awakened and is fully connected to her past life and the events that made Alu who she is.

  • This party is the biggest celebration the naiad have ever had. Many announcements are scheduled as members of her official court are to be appointed. But most importantly, the princesses of the Water are to be officially presented to the queendom.

  • When Tariel went through her awakening, when she connected with her past life, that same energy called all Naiad to the island. All of the lost children of Telrunya's Water element feel the pull to go home.

  • Foreign naiad, coming from all over the world were originally born of the Pearls of Life. Without the magical connection outside of Tuatha'ri, Naiad began evolving in order to survive in their environment.

Of course, there's lots more to learn about the lake and the world the Naiad live in! And we're always happy to answer questions and have discussions! So, if there's anything you'd like to know or need to ask, just grab one of the staff! Otherwise, we now declare the ORP Open for all to post!  


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:12 am
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Kelebek felt a tug at her heartstrings. It felt familiar, yet unlike anything she'd felt before. She felt a strong desire to go to the main palace hall, which was strange because she never wanted to go there. She wondered if it had to do with the Queen.

Kelebek had held suspicions about Turin and the Queen. They'd been together for long enough (how they thought they were keeping that a secret for any length of time still baffled her), and then the Queen sequesters herself for a number of tides? Of course, Kelebek would never dream of being so indiscreet as to say anything of her suspicions.

She fidgeted where she sat. She didn't want to go to the throne room. There were always so many naiad there, not to mention she stood a higher chance of bumping into Turin. Despite living an entirely normal, post-Turin life, the thought of having to be in the same room with him still made her heart flutter. At this point she wasn't sure if it was lingering emotions, or the desire to be sick.

Kelebek glanced over at Hjortur, who often kept her anchored when her anxiety threatened to carry her away. Did he feel this strange pull as well?

((edited to fix factual errors--reading and RPing at 2am is a real trip lol))

She hasn't directly addressed Hjortur but I figure they're together so...
PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:32 pm
Large and imposing, furiously protective of the precious 7 that came with him. Triton tightened his grip on his staff, eyes narrowed as he took in his surroundings. His daughters had first noticed the pull, the direction they had started moving in without realizing. Arista had pointed it out, and he had grudgingly followed her suggestion. Anything had to be a better life for his precious daughters than this endless wandering. The proud merman still preceded his daughters, his eyes trying to take in all the possible threats, anyone who might injure his family.

It was the sound of laughter that caught him off guard. It sounded so normal, so utterly relaxed and carefree. He was floored. Utterly taken aback by this noise. The last time he'd heard anyone other than his daughters laugh, it was before the whirlpool that had destroyed their home. "What in the great oceans..." He growled, mostly to himself. The merman turned around, silently counting his daughters, making sure none of them were harmed again. It was almost impossible to let any of them away from him, even for a brief moment in time to travel into this so called safe place that was calling them ever nearer.

Triton's raspy voice, thankfully didn't carry far. His attention was once again on the merriment that was taking place before him. Shaking it out of his mind, he turned to look at his daughters again. He knew he could never control them, but a word of caution was something they would at least hear. "Girls, please be careful. We don't know anyone here." He warned, "Please, don't trust anyone.." The pain in his voice at the thought of loosing his daughters, 7 of the most precious things in the entire world. No one was strong enough to stand loosing their children. He couldn't imagine it. The king bit back a sigh, eyeing each of the seven beautiful girls before him. Each so unique, and yet he could see their mother in each of them. A rare smile touched his face, seeing them all there, in what they could only hope was a safe location. "I love you girls."

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:55 pm
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She felt the call in her soul. It was a pull, a wordless song with no melody bouncing in her skull. It brought her to this lake, and now a party had begun.

For so long she thought her and her kind alone. But now she was faced with sea creatures unlike anything that she had seen before. With hundreds of apartments open to the newcomers, and a warm welcome she'd never anticipated. It was all so dazzling, and a little overwhelming. She scanned the room in partial nervousness, partial curiosity. Why had they been gathered here? What had made this call?

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Tilikum looked at everything with wide eyes. The food! The lights! The amount of pae! He could stay here forever. Considering the open invitation to live in the apartments, maybe he would. He swam over to one of the strange new fish pae, holding a plate of some sort of skewer. "Hi! Yes. Excuse me. Can I have one of those?" Barely waiting for a nod, he grabbed a stick and quickly swam off with it, as if afraid the other would change his mind. Maybe he would've. It was a risk he wasn't willing to take. And promptly stuffed his face.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

They actually FOUND something. Great fish what if they hadn't? She first mentioned the pull without much thought, and instantly regretted it when everyone rallied around the idea of going for it. What if she had been wrong? She couldn't live with that shame! The whole trip had gnawed at her even as the pull got stronger. If she was wrong, she'd be mortified and would be officially insane. Her only relief was that some of her sisters felt it too. More as they got closer. Soon everyone felt it, and the pressure of her being 'right' faded away. If she was wrong, at least they couldn't entirely blame her.

The sound of laughter caught her just as off guard as her father. That didn't sound like any of her siblings! She froze, her soft blonde hair billowing around her. Holy Carp they actually FOUND something. "What if this is a trap?" A sudden random pull that they all felt randomly appearing after years adrift, alone? To a gorgeous palace filled with smiling happy pae no less.

"...I suppose though...the risk is worth it." She admitted quietly after a moment. She looked to her sisters, relying on their strength to add to hers. Arista swallowed hard before looking back to her father. "I love you too daddy." A flick of her eyes to the palace ahead. Maybe the King and Queen o this realm heard of them. Maybe they'll finally have somewhere warm to rest their heads, at least for a night. She nodded firmly, steeling her resolve. "I'm going to go in there. Whose with me?

Arista is talking to all her sisters! Whoever deciding to throw their merfolk in
PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 3:50 pm
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Ebirah's chitinous carapace itched, it was worse than a molt! Irritation alone made her grumpier than usual. Where she lived was good enough, it was home. The water creature could have lived happily there for the rest of her life. The problem was the call. If there was a better word for it besides annoying, she didn't know it.

At first she could ignore it, just another thing to grump at and be the end of it. Only, the feeling kept building. Irwin insisted on following it and no amount of snapping at him could dissuade the travels. Waters know if she left the idiot on his own he'd get eaten so here she was traveling and angry.

A few overly friendly fish discovered that coming near her was a bad idea with a very vicious snap of the claw proved what they were blind to. She was not friendly.

User Image

The call had been felt, of course, but hadn't been heeded right away. Oh no, there was a particularly interesting sea cucumber that caught his attention.

Eventually, not even he could resist. This wasn't a bad thing, there would be new and wonderful creatures to explore where ever this call was from. With that incentive, he finally took off following the call. Eventually several others such as ones like himself and ones he had never seen before started to come into view. This was a new best day of his life! Pure joy followed getting close to different sea creatures as they came to the call to study the new faces.

User Image

Turin's best scout mostly heard the directions, one particularly suspicious bubble caught his attention mid-instruction giving. Great and powerful Chromis detained the bubble and investigated its source. Turned out to be nothing, but one can never be sure.

By the time he was paying attention again, everyone was off. Eyes widened, the naiad took of silently to investigate, guard and otherwise keep his home safe. There were so many new faces appearing, one had to be sure!

[Adella no picture]

Leaving home was hard, but there was no home any more. All the family had was each other, scattered by the whirlpool. Closing her eyes a moment to the memory, just following along with her siblings and father at the lead. This was familiar, this was as close to normal as they had known.

Until, a sound, laughter. Oh how she missed that sound! Eyes opened with a smile the third oldest perked up even more. Daddy was talking but he lost her before he even said a word.

It was a party!! How long had it been since she saw a party. Clapping her hands she swam up to her blonde haired sister hugging her shoulders "Come on, I am with you!" Conspiring, she whispered, "I'll bet there will be boys there!" New, different and music! Finally a chance to dance and joy after the trip they had! Ooo, maybe she'd find a nice boy to kiss?!

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Adella speaking directly to Arista


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 6:39 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ahi peeked around the boulder in the bottom of the lake where he'd been treasure hunting. He'd felt a slight ripple in the water "Wassat?" he asked himself and saw a few unfamiliar forms flit past his hiding spot. With his usual air of curiousity he flipped his flamming flipper and took off after the new odd forms moving through the water towards the palace in the distance.
This could be any new naiad

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Having been lounging nearby his adoptive guardian who thought he was sooooo well hidden Zaba saw the flaming male take off following strangers, something in him told him that was surely the way to swim off towards, with a shake of his head at the naive Ahi he rose off the ledge and headed after the group and Ahi

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.The hubub around the palace had certainly made the usually somewhat calm Kerianna excited, she'd been doing her best to help out with anything she'd been asked to do now the was anxiously watching the grand doorway for any arrivals.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Zaphyrus had never been near the palace, he kept quite to himself but he had heard the news that there were to be a grand celebration with more new royal family to be presented, and this warranted a visit to the palace. With this in mind he headed towards the palace flipping his fins quickly to accelerate his speed.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Marije chased after Europa "Wait up! I know you want to explore this strange place but we have to be cautious! We know nothing about this land! Or this water!" The black and blue Mylio shook her head at her friend's energy which she often countered with her own desire to be safe, it often took her chasing after the earth toned female just to reign her in.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Ariel followed where the pull was taking them all, along with her sisters and father the youngest of the eight her eyes never stopped watching the terrain as they swam towards what was likely to become their new home. When they arrived she peaked around her father at all the moving swimmers ahead "Daddy this is amazing!" she said eager to explore and see what new things were ahead. But then she heard his words of warning and looked at her sisters. She saw Arista looking like she was ready to go ahead and party, and even without hearing Adella's words, saw her sister's excitement. Ariel held fast tot he one treasure she herself had managed to save from being washed away and destroyed from their old home, she ran it through her hair ready and eager to meet new people.
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:44 pm

Attine sighed as her dad warned them about the dangers ahead. As if they didnt know that by now. For Ocean's sake. They had been flung to the far corners of the sea when that nasty storm hit her...she meant her family's palace. They had all swam through the exact same waters. They all knew what kind of trouble could lie ahead. Except maybe Ariel. She was a bit addled in the brain after her last little adventure. Poor dear.

Scanning the room, she swam out further than her sister's, who were now holding hands (as if) she announced "Of course, Daddy. We'll be careful!!" in her little sing song voice that all of sisters knew was fact but Daddy still didnt have a clue.

From the looks of what was in front of her, there was a party going on and boy did she love to party. It had been SO LONG. Grabbing a cup of drink from a passing mellon, she adjusted her tiara (her last treasured object) and swam off into the crowd. If her sisters tried to talk to her, she ignored them.
There were people to meet.

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Tethys swayed with the music as it called her from her home across the music. It sounded like bass and trumpets and....home. And who was she to deny somewhere that wanted to be her home? She turned back to her ex bf and patted his bald head softly as he whimpered. "You're in luck. I may eat else where tonight." She said with a toothy grin. Poor guy. All he did was cheat. But then again, all she did was tie him up and rub him down in seasonings. She was out looking for firewood when the massive tune swam across the ocean and called her to....whereever it was calling her. Giving his one last peck on the check, she swam away toward the tune, dancing a little as the tune shifted in the waves.

Someone would find him in the morning. Then again, she didnt really have visitors due, so who knew.....

Lyora swam along, following her urges until she hit a very large, very stately town. With a castle. Ooooo. She LOVED castles!! So pretty!!

So off she swam, down into the party dancing merrily and bumping into people here and there since her dancing was more bodily thrusting combined with seizure maneuvers.
feel free to hit Lyora up!!


Opal glanced around as the newcomers kept coming. And coming. And coming. She was bundled up by the bar, hoping Logan got here soon. She had finally fou d him the other day and he had regaled her with tales of his brief trip to land. His absolute horror lf land. How he thought he was gay. And that somehow, between land amd home, he managed to find a job. No wonder that boy was so scarce. Her, on the other hand, was just a busy body, at home, content with harvesting oysters and taking care of the farm. Wasn't exactly what she thought she'd be doing with her life but it was oddly satisfying.

Setting down her drink, she wandered off into the thick of dancing. It was nice to have a break and she was single and ready to mingle. Just until Logan showed up.

feel free to bump into her. Opal is nice.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:10 pm
Aniwaniwa, or Wawa as he liked to call himself, stared in pure abject horror at the sight of all the damn monsters crawling toward the palace doors. THAT was where his damned malfunctioning body wanted to go??!! With of THEM?! Withing TOUCHING DISTANCE? Nu uh. No way.

He shuddered. No way. They were all...germy. And unclean. I meam, it looked like some of them tried. But....he knew they couldn't reach every orofice. Couldn't disinfect every scale. Hell, he didnt have scales and he was still scrubbing on a daily to get the dirt between his sucker pods.

There was no way he was....was that shrimp he had just seen? On a stick? Oh, he would kill for shrimp. It was his one weakness. He inched closer to the massive throng as it pulsated at the door of the palace.

Was shrimp worth it?

Did he wanna risk an infection, or worse death, trying to find out?!

What the hell. It was SHRIMP!! His stomach said yes and sometimes that mattered more than disinfectant. So he swallowed a huge breath of air and fauhht his way to the door of the party and thos delictable shrimp.
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Mellinae gave a mighty gasp as something with arms shoved past her and cause her fins to ruffle. "The NERVE of some people!!" She grumbled angrily, more to herself than any one in particular as she adjusted her fins back down into some semblence of order.

If she wasn't elbows deep in this crowd, she'd sock him one. But she couldn't, since she was pretending to be a lady. That and she was sure that the bubbly and ambrosia would soon wipe her mind clean of that awful 8 armed critter pawing at her like leftovers.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:25 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."Come on Fizz, we can't be late for... whatever it is!" Cerulean shouted before he continued to swim along, letting the call lead him to wherever it was coming from. Hopefully that didn't mean something dangerous. After all, he didn't want to go anywhere where he could get hurt! He quickly looked over his shoulder again, to see if his roommate was following, before continuing to swim ahead, wondering what the call was going to lead them to.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show."I'm coming! You're just going too quickly!" Fizz yelled back, trying to keep up with Cerulean. Honestly, the turquoise naiad just got too excited, though Fizz could get excited too, but he had just woken up from a nap and wasn't entirely awake enough to be going full speed to wherever they were going. It seemed to be in the direction of the palace, so obviously something was going on there. There would be no use in speculating though, he had to spend his energy on trying to keep up with Cerulean instead.

Soon enough though the palace came into view and Fizz gave out a sigh of relief, at least they wouldn't have to be swimming as fas-where was Cerulean?

Fizz could just make out the red hair that adorned the top of Cer's head, into the large crowd of naiad pae that were getting into the palace. Perhaps forming a line would have been better? It didn't seem to matter though, because as soon as they both got in, they could see that it was crowded! And they both went straight for the food. If they were going to be called like this, might as well eat, right?

Cerulean started stuffing his mouth, really not tasting anything because of all of the flavors blending in together. "Fihh, you wot to twy his!" He said, his mouth still full of food. Perhaps he was eating too much, but with so many naiad here, one had to get their stomachs filled before it was all gone!

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Cyprus peeked his head in through the crowd, wondering if he should try to go in or not. He had heard the call, followed it here, but was wondering if it was really worth it. After all, so many of these naiad had HANDS! And he had some claws... they weren't really good for handshakes now were they? He could see quite a few naiad over at the food table, and decide to make his way over there, probably bumping into a few others accidentally in the process. It was just way too crowded!

He quietly made his way over, and contemplated on what to eat... and how to get them on a plate.

All open for interaction!


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:58 pm
Ayu took a deep breath and squeezed the hand of her lover softly. "It's such a big place...!" she marveled, pulling in her eight limbs together to project her closer to the festivities.

"And in such a small space..." Octavius agreed with a tone to match her breathless wanderlust. He jetted alongside her, returning the gentle squeeze with one of his own. "It's amazingly well hidden though."

Ayu nodded and glanced about. "To think. We'd never would have found it had we not listened to the thrum..." She spotted several other marvelous looking things all following the same pulse. She found herself quickly freezing in their swim, a look of panic washing over her. "Do you think it's safe to go in there, Octi?"

Octavius blinked, looking at the palace doors for a moment before smiling back at Ayu. "Of course! There are other Okten going in, see?" He pointed to the other one ahead of them that seemed to barrel his way to the food inside. "Besides, when was the last time we ate more than a small snack for a meal?" He swam up to her side and hugged her gently. "And I'll be with you for as long as you need me to." he promised kissing her cheek.

Ayu felt a small wave of confidence rush through her and she nodded. "You're right..." she flicked a few of her tentacles with faint uncertainty before she propelled herself forward again. "Let's go, Octi." she smiled and swam with him to the door, soon slipping inside.

(*These two are both Okten. Both are free to interact/mingle with! Pictures to come later*)  
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