name: Draviast Shor
age: 25
race: "Altered Human"
weapons: numerous. including katanas and Mp5s
powers: thats for him to know and you to find out.
pets: black pheonix, raven, wyvern (sephroth, eldhir, sin)

Born to the noble Shor family, draviast grew up in prosperity for the first ten years of his life. At the age of ten he was forced to watch as his family was killed one by one, and event that triggered something inside of him, something dark. It is said that the men who killed his families screams can still be heard, echoing the halls of the old Shor Manner house.

After two years on the street Draviast was found by Drake, who took him in and trained him as an aprentice. Over the next eight years Drake tought him to use swords, bows, guns and chains as eficient means of killing oponents.

After these eight years Drake was killed by his ex-wife and somehow managed to infuse Draviast with some of his own power. Since this day Draviast has been on his own, wandering the wooods where his teacher once brought him to calm his mind, searching for meaning and playing the haunting tunes drake tought him, on his floot like instrument.