Profile 3: Dravian
Name: Dravian Shadowhart
age: 28
race: High Human

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weapons: Solaris & Venom (modified M1911A1s, Solaris firing UVs and Venom firing SNs), Twin modified gas powered nail guns, two combat knives (Lithium and magnesium/ silver and blacklight core blades)
powers: enhanced speed, strength, vision, hearing, smell and endurance
pets: raven (helgrim)

Bio: Born with almost no traits to distinguish him from a normal child Dravian had a fairly average childhood, most accepting his strange eyes.

The turning point was at the age of 18, when vampires attacked and killed his family. as if this wasnt bad enough he found many of his friends to have been torn apart by lycan.

These things instilled in him a deep hatred for vampires and lycans, setting him on his life mission, to kill all vampires and lycan.

Profile 2: Draviast
name: Draviast Shor
age: 25
race: "Altered Human"
weapons: numerous. including katanas and Mp5s
powers: thats for him to know and you to find out.
pets: black pheonix, raven, wyvern (sephroth, eldhir, sin)

Born to the noble Shor family, draviast grew up in prosperity for the first ten years of his life. At the age of ten he was forced to watch as his family was killed one by one, and event that triggered something inside of him, something dark. It is said that the men who killed his families screams can still be heard, echoing the halls of the old Shor Manner house.

After two years on the street Draviast was found by Drake, who took him in and trained him as an aprentice. Over the next eight years Drake tought him to use swords, bows, guns and chains as eficient means of killing oponents.

After these eight years Drake somehow managed to infuse Draviast with some of his own power.

Profile 3: Drake
Name: Drake Doran Asa'an Darkfang
Age: 2616?
Hair:Jet Black
Eyes: Red pupils
Hight: 6'10" - 15'1"
weight: 180-1525Ibs
Race: half-demon, Quarter-Angel, Quarter-Vampire
Weapons: (Sgt. Darkfang): HKMp5SD, HKMK23SD, PSG-1, Combat Shotgun, K-bar, Ambient Particle Energy Colection and Dispersal Unit (APECDU), SunRay Grenade. 4x Stielhandgrenate

(lord Darkfang) Soulsplitter (blood katana), ShatteredDreams (warhammer), asorted knives and daggers, twin katanas, Drowslayer (shadowbow), Staff of oblivion, asorted lesser used weaponry.

Powers: Master of telekenetic, telepathic, elemental, time distortion, abyssal manipulation, and necromancy "Magiks".

Bio: "It is a long story, one that starts before I was born, my father was great demon, the father of lucifer to be truthful" *shakes his head* "three weeks before my birth, the angels instegated one of the most known battles of the great war, the battle of the plains of Bizentien... my father was killed in the first days of that battle, Ara, ony my tenth birthday, made me kill her... that should have bben the end of my troubles" *shakes his head* "but as you know, it was far from it... twas only the begining" *closes his eyes a moment* "my brother sotsu blamed me for both thier deaths, and I soon had to kill him to keep my life. nearly a hundred years later, I met my first wife, Nynaeve, and we lived in happyness for fifteen years, having my first child, Arii" *opens his eyes too look into hers* "but mother couldnt have me happy with an elf.. no.... she had to come back from the grave to tell me a lie... wich like a fool I believed... because I had seen her talking to Argus a few weeks before... guess what race he was" *sighs* "anyway... the next day at the last battle of nizeer'ahn My beloved nynaeve seen me and began forcing her way through the writhing mass of warriors, yelling my name as she ran for me... she never seen soulsplitter coming.... I impaled her on it... right to the hilt... and as I watched her life fade from her eyes, her words showed me what I had just done... and I cried, for the first time in my life, I cried that day.... As you may know Nizeer'ahn is now known as the grey plains... a place where nothing grows... my pain brought out something in me that day... a power you seen... I killed everyone there... and Ive payed for it ever since" *looks at his hands* "but talos knows, angels cant leave whats done done, no... they had to revive that usless piece of s**t argus... send him after me.... I spent many years in hell with my half brother... untill the former angel, The arch bishop Lazerus attacked me... I had to kill him too... was banished from the one place I belonged... sent to the Abyss forest... where I met the fallen angel Lust... who I eventualy married and had Morikii with... eventualy I seen the tole I was taking on her... told her a lie... said I had cheated on her... she killed herself four days later... as suggested by Argus.... twenty years later... here I am"

Profile 4: Arii
Name: Arii Liir Darkfang
Age: 2500?
Hair:dependant on element in use
Eyes: dependant on element in use
Hight: 5'4"
weight: 140Ibs
Race: Half elf mut. (demon, angel, human)
Weapons: Longstaff, longbow, assorted polearms

Powers: Elemental sorcery

Bio: The daughter of Drake Blakfang, little is known of this powerful sorceress.

Profile 5: Morikii
Name: Morikii Sin Darkfang
Age: unknown
Hair: crimson
Eyes: white
Hight: 6'2"
weight: 180Ibs
Race: Mutt (demon, angel, vampire)
Weapons: numerous small blades

Powers: strong telepathic capabilities and moderate skill in many forms of arcana

Bio: Son of drake, morikii came back from the future to warn drake of his fate and decided not to go back to a future with no hope.