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Some of them may be stories but they also might be poems.
I know it's long but- It's so funny!!!!
Asarin: ok, p2 truth or dare
Voice-Listener: dare
Asarin: hmm
xsamykinsx: need help asa
Asarin: yeah
xsamykinsx: hmmmmmmm
xsamykinsx: i got nothing after hw i feel lazy to think
xsamykinsx: anyone anyone at all have any suggesstions ????
Voice-Listener: yes
Asarin: go
RPC_Shado: daring yourself now? ^_^
xsamykinsx: lol
Voice-Listener: I dare me to say, "******** me harder" after everything I say
K-Min: lmfao
xsamykinsx: lol
Voice-Listener: I love doing that. Until someone says stop
Voice-Listener: *until Asa-chan says stop
Asarin: okok
Voice-Listener: thank you ******** me harder
K-Min: lol
xsamykinsx: lol
Voice-Listener: lol
Voice-Listener: ******** me harder
K-Min: Well i have a tuxedo already...
Voice-Listener: kool ******** me harder
Asarin: your turn
K-Min: And oculus magica, which im saving to sell... its up to, like 28k
Voice-Listener: Min, T or D ******** me harder
K-Min: O.O
RPC_Shado: I'm looking to buy one... but I only have 3k T^T
Voice-Listener: I want it! ******** me harder
K-Min: lol
K-Min: Im not selling tho
Voice-Listener: T.T
K-Min: =P
LustingForYou leaves the chat.
Voice-Listener: *hugs you* Please ******** me harder
RPC_Shado: 0.0
Voice-Listener: OMG ******** me harder
K-Min: lol
RPC_Shado: XD
xsamykinsx: lol that didn't come out ryt
K-Min: Kate
Voice-Listener: lmao ******** me harder
Voice-Listener: i cant breath ******** me harder
K-Min: You're one kickass daughter
K-Min: lol
RPC_Shado: that would only make your breathing problem worse though...
Voice-Listener: lol ******** me harder
RPC_Shado: 0.o I would, but I don't think your fiancee would be very happy
K-Min: O.O
K-Min: Or her father
Rock_88 enters the chat.
Voice-Listener: I was a preistess today for a friend tp ******** me harder
Voice-Listener: *too
K-Min: lmfao...
Voice-Listener: lol ******** me harder
Voice-Listener: min- T or D ******** me harder
K-Min: I usually dont play...
K-Min: But D
Voice-Listener: Oh ******** me harder
Voice-Listener: Okay
Voice-Listener: ******** me harder
K-Min: lol
Voice-Listener: I dare you ******** me harder
K-Min: lmfao....
RPC_Shado: incest!!
K-Min: i cant breath now...
K-Min: laughing too hard
Voice-Listener: I dare you to say "oh baby! yesss!!!!" until I say stop ******** me harder
K-Min: O.O
K-Min: ...
Rock_88: O.O
K-Min: *Shakes head in shame*
Voice-Listener: starting now ******** me harder
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
K-Min: ...
Voice-Listener: lol
Voice-Listener: ******** me harder
Rock_88: ewww
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
xsamykinsx: lol
Voice-Listener: ******** me harder
Rock_88: LMAO
Asarin: this is getting interesting
RPC_Shado: isn't it though?
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
K-Min: ...
Voice-Listener: cant- breath!!! ******** me harder!!!!!!!!!
K-Min: I copied and pasted it "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
RPC_Shado: well if you stopped having people ******** you harder, you'd be able to breathe easier!
Voice-Listener: ******** me harder you know you want to ******** me harder
K-Min: lmfao "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
xsamykinsx: hahaha
Rock_88: lmao
RPC_Shado: umm... >.> <.< I plead the fifth...
Voice-Listener: ok, dad. Ask someone to ******** me harder
K-Min: No thanx... lmao
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Voice-Listener: lol ******** me harder
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
K-Min: ...
Asarin: oh my
Voice-Listener: ask someone t or d ******** me harder
xsamykinsx: yes o my indeed
K-Min: Asarin t or d
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Asarin: truth
Voice-Listener: lol ******** me harder
Voice-Listener: having fun dad? ******** me harder
K-Min: ...
K-Min: Im so copying this conversation...
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Voice-Listener: MY SAYING NEVER COMES OUT RIGHT!!!! ******** ME HARDER!!!!!!
K-Min: Are you a girl?
xsamykinsx: lol hahaha nothing would come ryt wit the words ******** me harder
Asarin: yes
K-Min: I thought asarin was p3 lmao
RPC_Shado: no... Shado's p3
K-Min: i kno now
Voice-Listener: -dances ******** me harder-
RPC_Shado: hmm... never heard of that danceXD
Voice-Listener: -sings ******** me harder-
Asarin: I love that song and dance
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Voice-Listener: I KNOW RIGHT?!?! ******** me harder
Rock_88: .......................................
Rock_88: i'm going =_=
Asarin: ok, you can stop saying ******** me harder
Rock_88 leaves the chat.
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
xsamykinsx: umm is it asa turn now
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Asarin: xsamvkinsx, t or d
xsamykinsx: D
K-Min: Tell me to stop "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
Voice-Listener: no... NEVER!!!!!!!
Voice-Listener: Okay stop-
Voice-Listner: IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!
K-Min: "oh baby! yesss!!!!" "oh baby! yesss!!!!" "oh baby! yesss!!!!" "oh baby! yesss!!!!" "oh baby! yesss!!!!" "oh baby! yesss!!!!"
K-Min: ... i think i'll annoy you into telling me to stop

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    eek all I can say is wow

    comment Tokokizora · Community Member · Tue Aug 07, 2007 @ 08:16pm
    I dont know why...but im jealous for not being there >.> xDE

    comment Neni Chibi · Community Member · Thu Aug 09, 2007 @ 08:01pm
    Lmao xd

    comment I_Love_Luis -02-25-08- · Community Member · Thu Aug 16, 2007 @ 03:12am
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