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info on a day to day basis
still kinda new to this place so im trying out every feature, i am writing just day to day stuff that pops into my mind
return home to the leaf village

Our 5 heroes arrived home to the leaf village amidst cheers and confetti and other stuff. Dragon leading the group,Foxx helping Itachi behind him,and Deidara and Kisame bringing up the rear waving to the crowd,all of them proud of what they had done for everyone. In the crowd there were more than just leaf ninja,the were sand ninja,sound,waterfall,rain,ninjas from all the hidden villages and from the movies. Girls screamed in fangirl admiration for the guys and boys were whistling and yelling to Foxx telling her to date them but our heroes just ignored them all,all content with everything they had done. Slowly they reached where the 5 kages were located,in the group of 5 included Lady Tsunade,Gaara,and the other 3 hokages who i have no idea who they are. The kages silenced the crowd and began to talk to our group of heroes. First was Tsunade who told how grateful she was of our hero's deeds and actions.Next was Gaara who thanked them for saving everyone and that he also was grateful. The other 3 kages told then that their names will be forever remembered and blah blah blah(sorry,i couldn't think of any more compliments). All 5 kages then officially pronounced that our nnames will be remembered for years to come,they will remember the names of the 5 newest additions to the sannin. After an hour of all the festivities, they lead our group to the hospital where they could get healed. First to get healed was Itachi,Tsunade tried everything she knew but it seemed impossible for Itachi to regain his eyesight.Upon hearing this Foxx burst into tears but at that moment Dragon remembered the elixir he got from Pein and told lady Tsunade of it.She then administered the medicine to Itachi's eyes which in an instant regained his sight. Foxx was so happy at this that she just couldn't stop crying tears of joy. Lady Tsunade then checked on the others but they didn't have too much injuries and they could be easily healed with some rest.Then Cashmere and Rose walked into the room looking sad but happy at the same time. Deidara stood up to talk to Cashmere but she just jumped right into his arms and hugged him. Rose walked over to Dragon's side and watched them,thinking that maybe she could be like them with Dragon.(a couple of years later)It has been 3 years after the war and it ws the happiest day of Foxx's life. She was about to be married to Itachi who didn't say but was just as excited. Kisame, Deidara, and Dragon stood on Itachi's side as his best men and Cashmere and Rose stood on Foxx's side. Naruto was the ring boy and Sakura was the flower girl. After the wedding,all the guests and the bride and groom went to the party where they could dance and eat. Itachi and Foxx spent most of the party near each other dancing, eating, and recieving gifts from people. Dragon mostly spent time dodging some girls from villages who wanted to marry him but he managed to get away only to be found next to Rose. She told him that she always loved him secretly but never had the courage to tell him. Dragon was surprised at this but replies that he cared for her also and the both of them kiss and dance with the rest of the guests. Deidara stood with Cashmere both of them having dated for a bit and were planning their wedding also. Kisame was sad however since he didn't have anyone to be with but he felt glad that his friend Itachi was happy and he was fine with that. Among the significant guest also,Naruto and Sakura were dancing with each other,Hinata was talking with Kiba and occasionaly glancing at Naruto. Shikamaru was dancing with Temari while thinking of how troublesome this was but also noticing that this wasn't so bad. This is the epilogue and probably what will lead to a peaceful and prosperous time for all the villages.

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Foxx Uchiha
Community Member

Thu Sep 27, 2007 @ 11:09pm

YAY! BRAVO!!! WEEEW! GREAT JOB!!!!!! That was wonderful!!!! 3nodding

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