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info on a day to day basis
still kinda new to this place so im trying out every feature, i am writing just day to day stuff that pops into my mind
an all new story of the new Kira

It has been several years since the end of the Kira case in Japan and this time our story takes place in New York. One day in school, 2 everyday kids are in class and they both notice 2 new notebooks that are in their bookbags that weren't there the day before. They wait until lunch and they both share with each other what they found. Both the books are the same, on the cover wrote death note and upon touching the book, both students are granted shinigami eyes and whoever they look at,they are able to see their full name and the amt of time they have until they die. Upon discovering these treasures,their new powers, and researching a bit into the Kira case in depth, they start their plan. The plan to continue what Kira had done in Japan and accomplish what the original Kira could not accomplish. They started with their plan the next day using the power of their death notes to kill 2 criminals who were holding hostages in a bank. With this accomplishment,they continued to do these actions every day to criminals until these actions were eventually took notice by the police. They were shocked to discover that the Kira case which had plagued Japan years ago had now been continued in America. They planned to find the new Kira and kill him for he was guilty of commiting mass murder. Unknown to them though, there are actually 2 new Kiras and another would appear later on. The 2 current Kiras have taken their old names and changed them to Shade and Foxx so as to keep their Kira identities a secret. This is the birth of an all new Kira case which will take the lives of thousands due to the presence of 2 Kiras each with their own death note.

The following link will take u to the rules of the death note so if anyone is lucky to find one, they should keep these rules in mind.


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Foxx Uchiha
Community Member

Wed Oct 10, 2007 @ 11:00pm

Le gaspeth! You made me into a death goddess! I'm impressed! Woot! ^_^

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