Its been several weeks since the all new Kira case began. Every single unit within the government had been called to investigate this including secret service and the FBI. However even with all this assistance, they were still unsuccessful in finding the new Kira. Back in New York, Shade and Foxx had already killed a ton of criminals but they still had a lot to do. They knew that only 2 Kiras probably wouldn't be enough so they sought to finding a 3 Kira. They knew that once they found the right person to become the 3rd Kira, the death note will appear. they searched all through their entire school but nobody was worthy to become the 3rd Kira. One day, a new student was admitted into their class, a girl by the name of Phoebe had transfered into their class and upon using the shinigami eyes to look at her name and remaining lifespan, a new death note suddenly appeared in Shade's bag, this could only mean one thing to both Shade and Foxx, they had found their 3rd Kira. However they knew persuading her to join would not be easy so they figured the best way was to first befriend her and use their own death notese to help her somehow so she believes in the power of the death notes. After school, Shade and Foxx walked Phoebe back home having became friends. While they were walking home though, a robber came out of nowhere and tried to rob the 3 of them. Phoebe was scared but Shade and Foxx just scoffed at the robber. Shade told Foxx to allow him this kill. He activated his shinigami eyes, and wrote down the name of the man and the cause of death. A couple of seconds after writing the name, the man just walked away to commit suicide. Phoebe was completely surprised of what happened and after Foxx explained the situation to her, she was still a bit curious about all of this. Despite her confusion, she willingly accepted the death note and became the 3rd Kira. Part of her reason for agreeing was to pay Foxx and Shade for helping her and also that she wanted to help rid the world of crime. Meanwhile back in Washington, they had assigned the best detective in the world to take on the new Kira case. This person is the same age as Foxx, Shade, and Phoebe but his IQ was supposed to be higher than any man alive. This man is named Torres. With the complete assemblation of forces on both sides, the battle between the chosen ones had begun.

to be continued in next part