You know, when i first saw, the chat room, i thought, people use this as an excuse to say whatever they want on their. Calling people the b-word and everything.
It's outta control. And it's annoying, and i thought the chat room was stupid.
So, like yesterday, i'm sitting doing a puzzle, and this avatar named Lyrics plings on the screen, and i had just finished IMing my friend.
SO, i thought you know, pretty bored, why don't i try chatting?
So we chat, and everything, then this girl named moona comes in.
So we're all chatting and everything, and it' s going pretty well.
We actually all have a lot in common. Suddenly, Moona leaves,
and we're both like? Where the heck did she go? Turns out it was her computer.
Which ended up, us chatting more. Then some dude, comes in and lyrics says 'hi'
but he just suddenly leaves. It was pretty funny. Then miki comes in.
She starts 'lol-ing' about it with us. Puppy comes in to, but leaves. Another person comes in and leaves. So, i make the joke, ' We must be the death crew, everyone keeps fleeing from us'. Lyrics starts talking about Death Note. And before i know it we're saving up for a guild. So, the chat room, isn't stupid. You can probably meet most people online that way. So, if your a newbie, try it. I really reccomend it.
Peace out,