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Home For My Thoughts
This is my outlet for everything, so if there's any emo-ness, please try to understand!
Living In Memories...for vampire fans!!!
As I hope you have gathered from my journal title and other subtle clues, I love to write. So, for those who happed to think that poems are too emotional, I am now ging to cater to your desires and give you what I have written of a story that I'm not certain I am going to finish. If you people out there that read this like it (mainly Sorika! I know she reads these things...) let me know! Now, here's my latest piece of mushrooms! burning_eyes Enjoy!

Prologue to Living in Memories

I stood on the shore, staring into the crashing waves that brought back so many memories. Somewhere, my friends were out there, but they were out there, too. It's not that I didn't like them; it's just that they abandoned me here many years ago. I actually longed to be with them. My friends had offered to let me come, but they didn't understand what could--no would--happen if I had come.
"Mia, mommy said you had to play with me. That's the only reason she let us come down here!"
I was startled out of my daydreaming by a young girl tugging on my skirt. You could say she's my little sister, but I lost my true family years ago.
"Peas, Mia? The park is on the way home, and we have to leave soon because Mommy said it was going to rain today and..." she rattled on and on about things that are probably important to five-year-olds, but I loved the rain. Then she did something that would make most people melt and say "of course we can go to the park, and afterwards we'll get you some ice cream, and maybe go to the toy store!" What she did was she gave me the cute eyes. Now, who can't resist a five-year-old with those long brown ringlets and sea blue eyes? Oh, wait- I can!
Unfortunately, Mother (how I hate the word) said that I must do something with Meg before the day was over. So, against my will and better judgment, I took her to the park as I relived the events of this day two years ago...

~"Amelia, come with us! We need you!" my best friend, Jake, called from the ship. I could barely make out what he was saying as the wind blew my long auburn hair all around me.
"I can't and you know that! Only bad things would come of it! Besides, they're supposed to come back to me soon, Demitri promised!" I called back. Those were my instructions: wait on the island until I was sent for. I would be killed if I didn't obey, but my friends didn't know that.
As the conversation went on, Jake became more and more frustrated with me, and eventually, I was left behind to stand on that beach and watch the last "living" people (besides Meg) that I cared for sail into that stormy night.~

Sometime during my mental torture, we had reached the park. I sat on a swing as Meg ran to the slide. Before too long, I heard a sound that I hadn't heard in many, many long years--footsteps so silent that they were almost nonexistent. I recognized those footsteps.
"Having second thoughts, are we? If there was a way to let you go back-," a voice said, but abruptly cut off at seeing Meg running to hide.
"Second thoughts are against my better judgment. Yet, sometimes, I so sort of wish that you and the others hadn't saved my life, Demitri," I responded as he sat in the swing beside of me.
I could understand why Meg had decided to hide. Demitri looked like some statue of a Greek hero who had come to life, but then again, we all did. His eyes were like two chips of onyx set into his face, and pieces of his black hair fell into them, making his appearance even more impressive. And if that wasn't enough, he was extremely tall. Of course, I was quite similar to him, with the exception of my hair, and height. I was quite tall for a girl, but not nearly as tall as Demitri.
"You would have died if we hadn't brought you back with us," he countered.
"Yes, but my life ended years ago anyways. Oh, and I thought you or Alexa would be back sooner than this. Fifty years ago you left me here. Fifty! I've had to play the helpless orphan so many times that I'm sick of it! I've been in the orphanage here more times than I can count, and now I've been adopted! Yet, you sat back and..." I ranted for a good while longer.
Once I had stopped, he laughed and said,” Always the impatient one, aren't you, Amelia? Oh, and by the way, Meg is still hiding." I looked over toward the particular thicket of plant life that hid Meg, and noticed that it was trembling.
"Megan, you can come out. Demitri won't hurt you, and if he does, I'll hurt him. And he knows I will," I coaxed while smirking at Demitri. Meg cautiously crept out of the plants and shouted, "Mia, can I talk to you without him near?"
"Of course," I replied as I got up and made my way over to her.
"What is he?" she asked me. "He's like you, but he seems almost evil."
I chuckled and thought, 'They call him Demon for a reason! ' then tried to think of an adequate way to answer her question. I could blow my cover now, but I decided to beat around the bush a bit.
"He is like me, Meg. He doesn't have a family, either, but there's more than that," I told her. I gave her a few seconds to prepare for the bombshell that I was about to drop. I smiled my first real smile in over fifty years as I looked at her and said, "He's a vampire."
She took one look at my fangs, and ran all the way home, screaming like the little girl that she was.

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    Lol, I like the ending the best! heart

    It's a bit confusing, but it's the beginning of the story so it's ok. Don't touch on toooooo many subjects since in the first chapter your trying to get them hooked on this story.

    I like... WRITE MORE SOON!

    ... love,

    your pimpette, mrgreen

    comment Sorikia525 · Community Member · Sat Feb 16, 2008 @ 05:45pm
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