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info on a day to day basis
still kinda new to this place so im trying out every feature, i am writing just day to day stuff that pops into my mind
final chapter The battle and epilogue

As Tag and Shade both prepared to fight, Dragon told Fox and Phoebe to stay there until this was over. With that, Tag charged at Shade and they began to fight. For several minutes, they both fought with seemingly equal strength but it was evident to all of them that Shade was getting more and more tired by the second and soon afterwards, Shade was unable to continue and he fell down to his knees, unable to stand up and continue fighting. Tag stood in front of him and put his own sword in front of Shade to finish him off. Just as he was about to strike the final blow, Shade managed to block it. He then stood and pushed Tag away and got ready to continue fighting. After another couple of minutes of fighting, amazingly Tag was the one on his knees this time. Unable to understand why, Shade told him that he wasn't just fighting for his own survival but also for Fox's and Phoebe's as well. Upon hearing this, Tag was too shocked to continue fighting and told Shade that he had won and they were free to go. With that, Shade put his sword down and walked over to Fox and Phoebe and prepared to leave with them. However as they got ready to leave, Tag picked up his gun and aimed it at them. Tag aimed and fired hitting Shade directly in the chest. As Shade fell to the ground, Tag himself suddenly had a heart attack and died. As Shade himself lied on the the ground, his hand let go of a piece of paper where he had wrote Tag's name. Phoebe and Fox tried to go and get him to a hospital where he was instantly put into the emergency room. One day, Phoebe and Fox went to visit him in the hospital but the doctor told him that he when he was shot, the bullet partly hit his heart and he would soon die no matter what they could do. While in Shade's room, Shade told them that he had fun being justice with them and he didn't regret anything. He also gave his Death Note to them and told them to keep it with them. After this, Shade died with a smile on his face. Both of them were shocked at this and begged him not to die yet but they both knew that it was useless.

Epilogue: Its been 2 years afterwards and both Fox and Phoebe were at a cemetary paying their respects to Shade. Both of them although they were still doing what they started, they both felt that a certain part of their lives had disappeared when Shade died. But unknown to them, according to the rules of the Death Note, anyone who uses the Death Note is unable to go to neither heaven nor hell for eternity instead Shade had gone to the shinigami realm. There for using the Death Note so efficiently, he was allowed another chance in life but only as a Shinigami. Shade agreed to this and he was able to return to the human world, there he would spend the rest of his eternal life watching and protecting Fox and Phoebe until they joined him, in which they would be togerther again and continuing their work.

Im sorry this took so long but i was unable to think of how to end this. If u have any ideas for another story, just tell me with a pm.

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Foxx Uchiha
Community Member

Tue Jan 22, 2008 @ 12:34am

Hms! This is interesting! I liked it! Another idea.....hm....I dunno really. I'm not really sure what you want. But you'll find out something! I'm working on a manga! =D And it's top secret so no one can steal it! Lol. So keep up the great work okay? Later!
Indigo Foxx

OMG! I started a Naruto RP!

-----> Clicky! <-----

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