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Venomous am I who kisses thy lips,
All because there are poisons in your lips.
That Final Day of School, When they came. -Please Read-

Read this to the bottom. This comes from Denol Shadewolf, as he tries to depick the pain caused in the shooting of Colinbine.(Not sure on school spelling.) If you can find reason to not to feel the sadness or the pain or the need to cry, you are cold and you probably are the type to do a schools shooting cause you wouldn't care.
Stuff may not be exact but do not critize, I have never seen any video of the Colinbine shootings but since my dad is a cop, I learned much about the shootings.
One Note: This is not for the weak hearted. The government has taken off all videos of the case because of the inhumanity of the shooting. This writing thats going to be given is just a taste of what actually happened. Now sit back and relax as you take a journey through the lives of these victims.

------------------Student #1----------------------

'Man I am bored. What is this teacher talking about?' He said as he leaned over to his friend. His friend looked at him and said "I don't know. Dis stuff is to boring.' Then a crackle went out and all the students looked around as screaming begun. The kids rushed outside as they were greeted by a wave of students. They ran with them to the exit. THe guy was still in the building looking around thinking 'Where is my girl. That shot came from my girl's class.' He turned the corner into the class and his face meant two guys with masks and guns. His mouth dropped a he watched them shoot his girlfriend. He was about to charge as the men aimed their gun at him and said 'Are you Christian!?' He said without fear 'Yes I am! What you gonna do about it!?' The man raised his gun and shot into the guy's chest. The guy fell as he thought 'No! This isn't how its suppose to go....'

------------------------Student #2-------------------------------

She flipped through her magazine as she sat in class and said to her friend 'I wonder what its like for my boyfriend right now.' The girl laughed alittle and said 'Nothing different.' The two girls looked at dresses when two men kicked in the door and shot down the teacher. The men ran in as students ran out. She was left inside with the killers. They kicked her under the desk and said 'Are you a Christian!?' She was scared for her life and nodded for a yes. THe men said 'Change your ways and you shall live.' The girl felt rage from that and said 'Never!' One man walked up to her and grabbed her head and shot her exacutional style. Her body fell limp as she watched the men shoot down her boyfriend as she thought 'No, baby....'

----------------------Student #3-------------------------

The shots had rung out already but he was still in the school. He was too curious. He peered into the hall where he saw two men checking classes with automatic weapons. Then he heard them say something and then heard a girl say no but yet pleaded for her life. Then the shot rang out. A body hit the floor as he thought 'Aw s**t! Their killers!' He begun to look for a way out as he heard footsteps coming he quickly hid into the closet as the men walked in and he heard them getting closer as his heart beated faster and faster. Then the doors flung open as the men said 'Are you Christian!?' He nodded and thought back to this morning how he fought with his mother and didnt say he loved her when he left. The men said 'Change your religion and you shall live! Will you!?' He shook his head and said 'Never you bast-' The men shot him into his chest as he cried as he thought 'I'm so sorry ma. I wont live my dream to be a doctor....'

------------------------------Student #4 (Final Recollection)----------------------------

Her friends were dead. She knew it, she felt it in her soul as she crept down the hall way looking into the classrooms seeing atleast 1 body in each room as she thought 'That won't be me. I want to live.' She prayed as she walked and after she said 'Amen.' She looked around into a class and saw them shooting into a closet. Then her brother fell out of the closet. She watched him die as she covered her mouth and begun to run towards the gym as the men ran out and chased after her. She got to the gym and hid in the equipment as they came. The guys looked around and said 'We're just peace keepers. No reason to be scared. Just change from your Christian belief and you will be redeemed for life. The girl felt the pent up rage from the deaths as she yelled 'Never!' She ran and hit one with a bat as the other one turned around and shot her in her gut as she gasped for air and fell to her knees as she said 'Momma..... I'm.... sorry....' She fell as a picture of her and her family fell from her pocket. She begun to cry as she died.

Now I know most would say this is not right that neither student survived but the answer to that is this. This was the deadliest school shoot up known due to its fashions of kills, cold heartedness and reason of happen. Over 40 students were killed mercilessly from the attack. The reason of the shooting was over religion and this is the message of the story: Remember, always cherish your time on this Earth because your next breathe is never guaranteed.

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commentCommented on: Wed Aug 27, 2008 @ 06:24pm
that's screwed up...

commentCommented on: Fri Sep 19, 2008 @ 12:58am
I know...... Its just I dont like it when people talk about the killing as a joke and all that. This is to probably try to break through to them. I guarantee you most people couldnt read through all this without crying.

Denol Shadewolf
Community Member
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