Do you swear often? - all the ******** time you SOB!

Are you crushing? - yesh :3

Do you use lyrics to express how you feel? - yeah.. I don't write them down.. I sing them ^_^

Are you ashamed of your past? - what past?

Where does your grandma live? - uh .. Like.. 6 provinces over? I think?

Anyone close to you ever die? - but of coarse

Do you try to be yourself? - uh.. What?

What was the last song you downloaded? - uh .. Probably breaking the habit by linkin park? Dunno

Who was the last person you yelled at? - don't tend to yell that much.. Dyasha? Lol

What's for dinner? - no idea.

Do you have a laptop? - that I do :3

Are you going on vacation this summer? - I suppose going camping is vacation? If not then no.

Do you ride roller coasters? - of coarse :3

When was the last time you saw your number ONE best friend? - don't have one.

What's your full name? - Jillian Eva Sliter :3

Have you ever thought about turning gay? - hah no. But if I was a guy.. Surely I'd be gay.

Do you have good memories with old friends? - ******** no. Dyasha's an abuser razz plus I seem to make and lose friends as I go.. So.

Have you ever been to hollywood? - nope.

Are you wearing a necklace? - I am : )

What jewelry can you not live without? - my necklace :3

Are you happy right now? - no. Well, I suppose I am.. Just a little though..

Do you regret anything that you have done? - of coarse!!!!!! practically my whole life I regret

What are you doing tonight? - homework.. And more youtube :3

Do you trust people? - nada

Have you ever cried from being so mad? - absolutely.

Have you ever seen your best friends cry? - I have.

What is the last thing you ate? - uh.. A gross cookie I got from co-op lol. No offence shanyn

What are you going to do after this? - eat something.

Where have you lived throughout your life? - british columbia.. And here in ONTARIARIOOOOOOO

Do you get distracted easily? - o_o ask dyasha

Do you have kids? - ask my wife wink

Have you ever played spin the bottle? - razz oh yes

How good is your eyesight? - excellento

What would you say if I told you I was in love with your brother? - ******** off he's mine <3

Have you ever been out of the country? - yeppers

Where are your siblings right now? - uh.. At his friends.

What time did you wake up this morning? - 7:00

How many pillows on your bed? - currently? 2

How do you get to school? - 30 minute grueling bus ride

What is your favorite drink? - beeeeeeeeer

Would you bang your neighbor? - O_O definetly not. You do know I have a wife right..

Do you carve pumpkins every year? - of coarse :3 not just pumpkins wink

Color of the shirt you're wearing now - navy blue

What's your favorite season? - spring

How do you feel right now? - totally pooped after walking like a soldier down the road xD

Would you do anything for someone else? - depends who.. And theres only one person :3

Have you ever been called a b***h? - uh.. Duh.

What is your ringtone? - I believe it is... you want to make a memory - bon jovi

What song is on? - none atm

Are your grades good? - as a matter of fact yes

Do you have a britney spears cd? - o_o ... yes I do actually..

Do you ever sing in the shower? - well of coarse

Facebook or myspace? - GAIA YOU SOB

Batman, Spiderman, or superman? - all of them :3 in my room :O

Who's your favorite disney character? - the caterpillar from the bugs life movie.