Out of all your friends.. Who...

Could be an alien? - NINJA POOFACE!

Is a bad influence? - I think myself lol

is the loudest? - Cathy

Has the best hair? - anyone with straight hair has the best hair.

Do you trust with all your secrets? - no one. Oo wait yesterday I said there was one right? Ninja pooface, even if he is an alien.

is the happiest? - gosh.. Dyasha?

is the funniest? - dyasha

weirdest? - zum.. me?

would you most likely die for? - ninja pooface

is the shortest? - lynds? Dyasha? perhaps eva xD

is the tallest? - uh.. Me. Or is rhianna taller than me?

will get married first? - too late one of them is already married. TO ME! D:<

Have you known the longest? - shelby

Makes you laugh most? - dyasha

will live the longest? - ninja pooface

do you suspect will kill you? - brooke.

makes you feel horrible sometimes? - ninja pooface

Never gets scared of scary movies? - that would have to be me.

writes the neatest? - cathy

Will end up on Canadian Idol? - taylor

makes you smile? - squishy

always seems to bring you down when trying to cheer you up? - ninja pooface