Where are you? - uh.. On my bed.

What is the last tv show you saw? - geez.. OH OH timothy goes to school razz im serious. I watched it this morning.

What is your favorite animal? - bear

Who have you thought about most today? - uh.. Squishy?

Color of your underwear - purple

Color of your shirt - yellow, with blue shirt on top :3

Have you ever eaten pizza with sour cream? - uhh.. Probably.

How big is your room? - tis alright.. Big enough to fit me and a few superheroes wink

Do your best friends have facebook? - they do.

Do you want to kiss anyone right now? - yesh :3 (and I do quite believe no one knows who I'm talking about smile

What did you do last night? - absolutely nothing.

What's your name spelled backwards? - naillij

Any songs by kelly clarkson in your itunes? - i believe so.

Ipod or Zune? - psh. Wtf is zune?.

Do you watch family guy regularly? - I only have all the seasons. And watch the new eps every Sunday :3

What's the last thing you bought? - well technically I didn't buy them Ashley did.. But skittles :3 LMAO ASHLEY. Could I interest you in some reeses pieces peanut butter balls instead? They're all peanut buttery and chocolaty.. They'll melt in your mouth. Uh no thanks.. I want skittles.

Whats your favorite movie? - harold and kumar escape from Guantanamo bay all the way!!

Can you sing? - that I can.