okay, *sigh* i just got home from camp yesterday and my god am i tired! i like, got up at about 6:00am yesterday morning, skipped breakfast, went around getting lots of people's e-mails, addresses and phone numbers, left at about 10:45, got home about 2:45 and started unpacking. my sister, when i got home, like, pretty much just screamed and ran up to her room, shunning me, lol. it was rather funny tho. anyhoo, i then went upstairs to unpack and listen to some music, and she ran back downstairs, lol. when i finished unpacking, i fell asleep until dinner which was about seven, we had sausage and fruit salad. finally when dinner ended, i went back up to my room (this was about 8:30), fell onto my bed after changing into my pajamas, and died. literally. my head hit the pillow and i was out. but yea. i didn't wake up til about 9:30 this morning. then i went to the library and was kept busy from 10:00am-3pm. so once more i'm beat. well, i guess that's all for now wink stay tuned for more later. twisted