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Dinanda's Inner-most Thoughts and Secrets
Hi guys!..this is my journal and yeah...read it if u want..i dont care...u can leave ur opinions or wutever on my profile..x3
My Camping Trip
Another camping trip, another year. This time a new and different experience. Branches crack, a familiar sound. The smell of dirt at my feet. The heat of the fire on my face. The sweet and wonderful taste of marshmallows in my mouth. This time only my sister's guest was invited along, no others. The night is perfect, not cold nor too hot to sleep. I hear the murmurs of faint voices nearby, as our neighbors settle down to sleep. The bullet train speeds by, by the hour on the hour. My concerned mother often checks up on me as I sit here in my tent. I remain unsure whether she wants to see what I'm up to or to see if I'm asleep. If i ever invite any of my friends to this peaceful place, I would just like to say,"Sure, this isnt Hawaii, but this is my paradise that I've grown to love and know."
i hear the loud crash of waves on the shore nearby. Just listening to it makes me sleepy. The other day, one of my closest friends told me that I was ignorant. Many times I've known people who were ignorant. I am human after all so I won't deny that I too am capable of being ignorant. It's just the thought of someone I know and trust telling me that I'm ignorant made me think, "Am I ignorant?" Simple questions like that simply lead me to find the answers myself.
Enough about my inner thoughts, lets focus again on my camping trip. With a quick dinner of Cheese and Crackers and 7-Up, my family and I begin to settle down to bed in our tents. But my parents, of course, sit and talk for a while near the fire amongst themselves along with my Uncle George who has joined us on this trip as well. Once, on one of my camping trips, at a camp nearby, I believed that I had finally found love, but I was sadly mistaken.
Although my heart has been through much torment, it has the amazing ability to rebuild itself and love again. I sit here thinking about my gaia bf as usual, wondering wut he's up to. I often ask myself,"Is he looking up at the same sky along with me at this very moment?" All I can do is sit and wonder.Enough writing for tonight, perhaps I'll share with you another place I've been through my writing. When I go on trips like this, I often get sad because it upsets me that I can't share my experiences with others that are dear to me. Besides just my family. How often do you ask yourself, "How great is it to view the beauty of the world, without anyone to share it with?"Just think about it..I often do...

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commentCommented on: Tue Aug 05, 2008 @ 06:37am
I like camping, it gets meh away from the human world that I hate

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