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Knock Out Trust me: you don't wanna know.

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I'm making another entry even though I have nothing more to say.
Mhm. I haven't finished my math yet. I guess I waited too long to start working hard. xp Surprise surprise.

School is tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. Probably won't sleep tonight. Dunno if I'm gonna have the guts to wear what I want to school.

I've been biting my lip to the point where it bleeds. Got some things on my mind that bug me I guess.

Plus I am having more issues with acne. I have a scar above my lip now, I don't need more scars on my face. -.-"

Yesterday when I was rushing to clean before Miranda came I scraped my middle finger on the door and took off the top layer of skin and it still stings so much.

I think my boyfriend is angry with me, but I don't know. I have to figure some crud out.

None of my gigantic sweaters are clean! And I can't do laundry, Rei and mom are.

What else is wrong...hm...still basically what was in the last few journal entries. Still not pretty enough and still asking too much.

And what else? When I was little I looked like a little boy, not a girl. domokun
I shall post some pics, cuz they have cute kittens in them, Chubby and Cubby when they were kittens. I want to put them in my sig. >_<

... ... ... ... ...What the ********? I just opened up my Windows Media Player and it started playing some woman giving some guy a blow job. My mom probably put that there or something. Odd thought. Okay. Didn't need to see that. Did NOT need to see that. Now I saw porn again. For like...four seconds. Four seconds too many! Why do I always have to see that s**t? I mean, when I was little, trying to look up a picture of a treasure chest I typed in "treasure chest" in google or whatever search engine I was using. A woman with like breasts larger than my torso showed up. x_x

So glad I was home alone so my mom didn't see. My poor little child mind.
But I just had to find a pic of a treasure chest for a little school project so I kept looking.
"Pirate treasure"brought up some ful frontall naked guy on a boat staring out at the water. After that I found a site selling products like shirts and crap that had to do something with pirates but on the page was a videoclip of some Asian chick having an orgasm all by her lonesome.
Well s**t. After all that I just drew the ******** treasure chest on my own. mad
When it's time for school projects, I usually draw most of the pictures. Dunno if that's where I got it from. xp

Then there was Showtime. Oh God Showtime. Any show on after nine was porn! gonk
I didn't know this! "Mad scientist tries to create a love potion". Sounded like a Sci-Fi thing or something, so I choose that channel, and it's porn. This was a long time ago too. Now I know better. I think.
Porn porn porn porn porn GOD DAMN PORN. Seriously, marketing sex is just not cool, it's common sense, it's ******** LOGIC for CRYING OUT LOUD.

Nothing, absolutely nothing is left up to the imagination today. Dear God!
Now all those little twelve and thirteen year olds looking at porn are going to get a blow to the face when they see that not all guy's dicks are 13 inches long and not all boobs are huge and firm and round and soft and not all guys have icky washboard abs and not all pussies are so great.
The ********? "Do black women have purple vaginas?" WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THIS GENERATION?

Guys thinking about sex every seven seconds? Okay, they can think that, but please oh please can't they keep things to themselves. How often do girls think about sex I wonder. Wait, I am one, but I don't think about it every seven seconds...maybe once a minute. No, not really! gonk I think it's...yeah, I'm not gonna say.

What was I saying? I don't remember cuz I'm getting pissed off. My friends say I'm funny when I'm angry cuz I end up saying things they find amusing. So...meh.
I want to...cool off. So I'ma post pics of my kitties now...just gotta scan them...

User Image
That's Chubby. He was such a cute kitten. Hm...wish I could still fit in that dress. xd
These pics were taken, what? Seven years ago? whee

User Image
Here's both Chubby and Cubby as kittens. They were so cute and I could pick both of them up at once! Now I have to like heave them up, just one at a time. lol

User Image
Me and my older sis. The kitties are in Rei's shirt. xd

Yeah...I think this entry is long enough. Hm...well, not yet.
I might get a haircut tonight. If I do I hope I can get some pics and see what my friends think. I wonder how short I'll get it cut...hum...
Rei is dying her hair pink! gonk xp Like two years ago, she had pink and blue. Everyone called her skittle for some reason.

Mhm. Sugar sounds good right about now. Chocolate... ><"
Yeeeah...okay, I'm a little cooled down. But now that I remember what I'm cooling down over I'm kinda getting pissed again. domokun
If I see porn one more time today, I think I'll explode. No porn for me, ever, ever, ever. talk2hand

Freaking...pissed. And now my Gaia journal is being funky. That probably means I typed this all out for nothing. Geez, it's like messing up my typing and stuff. Oh well whatever.
Later Journal.


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