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The lost journal of Riccarlit
Yiffy stories and other things that I put in it. Wait... why do you want to know, huh?
The rise and fall of the white wolf
Riccarlit was sitting on the steps of his old house. His house looked in need of repairs but Riccarlit didn't care. A young male white fennec ran up to him "Riccy! How you doing?" The fennec said with a cheerful smile "Been better. Whats the word?" Riccarlit asked "Well, some of the guys need your help with something. Care to take part?" The fennec started to walk away as Ricc got up with a sigh. They walked across town and stopped outside a bar "Well. I got somethings to do, so... I leave you to it." The fennec waved and headed off as Riccarlit entered the bar. Once in the bartender smiled. The bar was half way full with the game on the tv. Some wolves played pool and talked at the counter and tables. Ricc walked up to the second table next to a grey wolf and a black wolf. They smiled "Ricc... baby... I am glad you came. I got a job for you. Here is the note and the pay will come after your done. Bye." the black wolf said as he slid a piece of folded paper to Ricc. Ricc took it and left. When he was on a bridge, Ricc started to read it. It said that someone was not paying and that Ricc had to make him or kill him. The catch was that the guy knew and was holding himself in a strong hold. No problem for Ricc. When Ricc was close to the guy's safehouse, he pulled out his SMG and loaded it. Two guards looked at Ricc as he came up "Word with... Jake." He said and the guards let him through. Once in Ricc headed up the stairs and through to doors that led to an office. Jake was sitting at the far end with six of his heavly armed guards. Jake was a grey fox with dark orange eyes. He looked at Ricc "Welcome, comrad." Ricc took a seat "Don says its payday. I don't want to use force." He cut to the point "Ah, yes... Pay is here." Jake handed Ricc a case of money. Ricc checked it and smiled "Good. I'll see you later." Ricc got up "Riccarlit? I have a favor... care to take?" Jake held out his hand with a piece of paper "Sure... I'll look at it and give you a call." Ricc nodded and headed out. He returned to the black wolf "Here. No blood." Ricc put the case on the table "Good... No tricks?" The wolf asked "No... I checked it out." Ricc held out his hand and got his pay "Be ready for a call." The wolf said as Ricc was heading out. Not very far away he stopped in his tracks after hearing a loud explosion "This is NOT good...." Ricc looked behind to see where the bar once was "I guess their was a bomb..." He shook his head and took off. Not soon after his phone rang "Don't speek. I know what you did Ricc and I want you to work with me to take down the mob. We can make it to the top. I can make you very rich. What do you say? Meet up in the lot outside the high school, right now." Jake said before hanging up. Ricc sighed and headed in the direction of the school to see Jake's limo and Jake standing outside of it "So. Will you?" he asked Riccarlit "Friends are friends untill money is played. Don't play me." Ricc said "I wont..." Jake smiled as he handed Ricc a slip of paper "Do this and you will get your pay as normal. Target MUST be killed with one witness and in day. Go." Ricc walked off. Down the street he was stopped by a car "Jake wants you to gear up, no one can see you. Don't screw this up..." The driver handed Ricc a heavy case. Once Ricc was at the location he checked the paper. They wanted him to kill the fennec fox Ricc talked to earlier. He started to think about it, the fennec was his friend... they grew up together. Would he kill his only friend for money? No. He opened the case and put the .50 cal sniper together and slug it to his back and screwed the silencer to his magnum. He then headed down and across the street to the fennec "Fox! Listen and don't speek. The rival mob wants you dead... We have to go." He grabed Fox's arm and took off down the street. Commons steped aside because Ricc was armed but their was no law against walking with weapons as long as you didn't use them. One of Jake's men came in a car to see if it was done, but found Ricc walking with their target "Jake... he failed." The guy said to Jake over the phone "Kill them." Jake responded. Ricc saw the car "Damn! Come on!" He quickly turned the corner and ran down the street takeing fire from the guy in the car. Fox looked back and kept up with Ricc as he turned down allies and finally went into a building but the guy followed. Ricc pushed Fox ahead and took the moment to shoot the follower as he came up the stairs, getting him in the chest. The guy's phone rang and Ricc picked it up "Are they dead?" Jake asked "No... I told you not to play me. I won't kill a friend no matter what you pay me..." Ricc growled. Jake laughed "Why don't you come back and we can talk about this..." He hung up. Ricc crushed the phone "I will be back... and you'll be dead..." He growled in a low tone. Fox came to his side "I wanna help." Ricc looked at him "No. I don't want to risk losing you... Your the only family I have left. Just lay low and wait untill I return, ok? Head over to the safe house, I'll be back." Ricc smiled and started out leaveing Fox standing thier "I don't like this..." He said softly. Ricc put his back to a wall and peered past the corner to see two guards standing outside the gates, he smirked and popped out and shot them. After takeing them out he took thier clips and climbed over the gate. Jake's men poured out of the mansion to take Ricc out as Jake watched from his office area. After a moment he walked away and poured a glass of wine then poured himself one as Ricc came through the doors "Ah... Riccarlit. Nice of you to drop by." He offered Ricc the other glass but Ricc didn't move "You really think I would work for you? Your power hungery. You have no respect for anyone but yourself... You lost it." Ricc barked at Jake "Thats what this world is about! You gotta rise up and take it before someone else does! I could of taken you to the top, Riccarlit... but now... I gotta take you out." Jake pulled a M16 out as two guard came in, trapping Riccarlit. Ricc whipped around and shot one guard as the other fired at him. Ricc rolled to the side and shot the other in the leg before shoveing the barrel of his gun in the guard's mouth and fireing. He turned to face Jake but saw he escaped through a secret door behind the self. Ricc dashed in and down stairs, Jake was calling back at Ricc "You where nothing working for them! You were just a hitman with limited uses! I could of made you into something more!" Jake opened a door and ran to the far end of a garage but no cars were in the room. Ricc tried to enter but Jake fired back swearing. Ricc timed his attack and just as Jake was reloading his fired back, getting him in the arm and chest. It wasn't enough as Jake fired back getting Ricc in the chest "I'll kill you Ricc! Then your fox friend is next... No one will stand in my way." Jake said as he fired again but Ricc got dropped him. Jake fell on his back and his gun slid a few feet away, Ricc slowly walked up to him as he tried to slide over to it "Ricc... baby. Come on... no need to be rash." Jake tried to sweet talk Ricc but it had no effect "Ricc, please... I didn't plan this, it was all the don. I wanted to take him out, we could take him out." Jake was getting closer as Ricc followed. Ricc wanted to know why Jake did this before he killed him "Is that it? You should of said this sooner." Ricc growled "Fox was the don's main man, he was going to tell the don all of this. He needed to be stopped. Look, I'm sorry... please... Don't kill me." Jake begged Ricc but Ricc wasn't listening "I don't believe you..." He pointed his gun at Jake but before he could fire it, Jake whipped around and unloaded on Riccarlit. Ricc fell on his back and coughed up blood "Damn you Jake... I hope... you burn in hell... you back-stabbing son-of-a-bi..." Ricc tried to finish but he couldn't. Jake held on to his chest as he got up and looked at Ricc to make sure he was done before walking to the door. Just before he was about to leave he heard a bang from a gun and dropped to the ground as Ricc shot him in the head "...b***h." Ricc let his head drop back and his arm fall next to his head with his gun still smoking from the last round in his gun.

Fox looked at the time to see it has been two hours since Ricc told him to wait at the safe house "He didn't make it..." He turned on the tv to see that Jake's mansion had the cops already thier and the story was being told of a lone gun wolf had taken out everyone but didn't make it. Fox sighed and laid on the couch as his phone rang "Yeah... No... he didn't make it. Yeah... Ok. Alright, I'm on my way." He hung up and looked at the house one last time before leaveing.

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