Kill Kiwi

The presence which I still struggle
Is like a strange endearment
For Kiwi and his 'mother'
Insist on being friends

His stance, eyes and ears
Remain unbelieveably FUGLY
Still Bunnie urges us to be friends
No wonder I'm still struggling

Sell! The judge ordered
and his wish was my command
Until the vamp said it was adorable
Next I was ordered to be friends

The doggish-looking-monster
has to go by high demand
But Bunnie started to cry
with the 'garbage' in her hands

I tried to kick it to the curb
'It' could run away or disappear
Never have my dreams come true
I wanted to kick and leer

The b*****d loves her owner
Way too much to leave
So In my dreams I harmed him
and I killed the b*****d! [Kill, Kill, Kill!] stare

I wished the b***h to get hit by a truck
It would really mean a lot
Then I'd switch him with a different puppy
Really helping my plot

Okay, Kiwi didn't get hit
My plans diverted again
So I decided to stab Kiwi
Seriously helping my friend

I threw him up on the telephone pole
To make sure he was shocked dead
Shaking my head to the sway of the trees
I was happy -- I finally killed Kiwi!

Seriously crack-ficlet-poem type.
Yeah, I know, crazy. About bunnie_vamp's ugly EFFIN monster!
Sell it, I say! SELL IT! SELL EEEEEET! sweatdrop