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Venomous am I who kisses thy lips,
All because there are poisons in your lips.
Denol's guide to Love
I am bored and listen to a song and I am here to help yall win some dates. As some of my friends here know, gummy bears especially, that I am a flirt. I am here to give the flirty declined some help.


1. NEVER TALK ABOUT YOUR EX UNLESS YOU IN A FLASH BACK MOMENT. That will make the girl feel less arkward around you.
2. Never talk about other girl's bodies or etc around a girl that you like and possibly likes you, thats a major slap to the face. It makes them feel unwanted and not good enough.
3. DONT BE A PERV!!!! I can not stress this enough. You do that, you baried yourself. Only time you can is if the girl gives you a cue to it that their in the mood, if their not, it is a major turn down.
4. Dont ignore them. God, never pick up the phone unless you know its important. They feel unimportant if you ignore what they say. They will leave.
5. Make sure they are comfortable with you. Start with light conversation and if you want to try to flirt, give a complement and if they complement you may have a openning there. DONT FLIRT ALL OUT AT FIRST UNLESS YOU KNOW FOR A FACT SHE LIKES YOU!!!!!!!! If she doesnt really give you a good comment back, talk more and comment on things yall have common. Be nice to her.
6. Treat her as a equal. Don't insult her and degrade her. Its very rude and a turn off to them.
7. Be you. Use your own flirt style but take to mind my warnings.

For more rules guys. Just leave the question in the comments.


1. NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER TALK BAD ABOUT A GUY'S PRIVATE AREA!!!!! He will feel insulted if you make fun of it calling it small or etc. He will be unattracted.
2. NEVER talk about other guys body. It will end up in a I think I am better match. Us guys are competitive.
3. You can complement us but make sure to be careful about what you say, you dont need to let it on to much that you like him.
4. Also, never use a friend with you. A guy will feel either confused or overwhelmed. He may feel unapproving because your using your friend to do it.
5. DONT BRING IN A MALE FAMILY MEMBER WHEN HES AROUND AND TALKING SWEET!!!!!!! He will be either scared or your dad/brother will scare him off.
6. Be you. Dont try to act like others. Dont try to be some fantasy girl. If he likes you for you, then you will be more likely to date him.
7. Make him feel good about himself. Dont make him feel sad about something or blow up his confidence, a man's confidence is the key to his flirtation. biggrin

Girls, you know what to do, just comment at the end.

Thank you and hope you get the person you want.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Oct 21, 2008 @ 09:03pm
Dudes have feelings? I though you where the only one with feelings denol-kun. D: 0_0 i will take your advice...even though Im not in Love XD

commentCommented on: Mon Nov 03, 2008 @ 12:26am
lol thanks XD

Denol Shadewolf
Community Member
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