Mareeses x3: please cherrish what you have with chris alexa, and enjoy every sencond you spend with him becuase love is the most beautiful thing in this whole world and not many people are greatful enough to have it
Mareeses x3: and before you know it it slips out of your hands
Mareeses x3: so holf on to it!
Mareeses x3: and keep it alive!
Mareeses x3: for me!
Captainsnazz043: marie (:
Captainsnazz043: you make me teary
Mareeses x3: oh stop it you
Mareeses x3: thats why i love watching you guys and creepy as it sounds cus im so happy you get to expirience the happyness i had
Mareeses x3: and i see how happy he makes you
Mareeses x3: like lisa and sarah have never expirienced anything like that thats why its so hard for them to relate to me
Mareeses x3: and im so happy for you cus you desearve to be in love
Mareeses x3: cus its so great
Captainsnazz043: xcvbnm muhree your too much<333333333
Captainsnazz043: really
Captainsnazz043: what you just said made my day
Mareeses x3: oh alexa!
Mareeses x3: <333333333333333333333333333
Captainsnazz043: oh marieee
Captainsnazz043: lol
Mareeses x3: lawl
Captainsnazz043: love youuu
Mareeses x3: love youuu!