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Venomous am I who kisses thy lips,
All because there are poisons in your lips.
I Want You To Be Happy
By: Denol Shadewolf

Tonight is the night we have some fun,
Down has gone the sun,
Put on the chains by the ton

Hold me down if thats what you like,
Lets get tired as if we went on a hike.
I love to feel this way,
No matter how many times you do it per day.

I am nothing but just a boy,
But you can surely make me your toy.
Now please don't be coy,
Lets be as dark a soy.

A poem to my dead friend, Jerome.

I am sorry I didnt talk to you that day,
I didnt even say hey,
But it wasn't even May.
Now in the ground is where you lay.

The brakes on your bike were broke,
The car couldnt stop in time,
The front became soak,
I am sure his face was like he tasted a lime.

The doctors tried hard trust me,
Even the school had tears that rolled like a sea.
I wish it was all a lie,
A girl even tried to die.

I hope your at that gate,
Til we will rejoin by fate (no homo),
Save me a seat,
So, together we can rest our feet.

This one is to my ex.

Dont lie about what you did,
You try to keep it under a lid,
But it all came to my eye,
As my heart begun to die.

I treated you right,
And I always held you tight.
Yet you did this infront of my sight?
I almost begun a fight.

Now its all said and done,
Down the sun has gone,
The knife is at a throat,
Now your blood is all over you coat.

(Not what actually happened, just what I would of liked to do)

Deadly Love
By Denol Shadewolf

Ruby is the color that you love,
All you have to do is make my heart a dove.
Make me smile and you will see,
That to bite me requires no fee.

That feel on my neck,
It makes me love you even more,
I am lost to the core,
Are you truly the one I thought of as lore?

Do as you please with me,
My sighs is your key,
Soon you may see,
The blood you want so badly.

Now, you left I am nothing but dead,
With these fangs in my mouth,
Do you see where that kiss lead?

So now I must make a heart fly with no fee,
So high that none can match but a dove,
And as you can see,
This is truly a deadly love,
Truthfully it is not free.
Its all for the blood you want to drain from me.

Love Paid In Full
By: Denol Shadewolf

Those eyes of ruby red,
Those fangs of pure lust,
That kiss is what led,
Me to this must.

Now in the bed we lay,
As I can smell the sweet smell of decay.
I hang on every inch that you say,
I just want to be with you all day.

Now we are having fun,
Down has gone the sun,
Releasing shots into you like a gun,
I never want us to be done.

Now we have begun to rest,
My eyes close in our love nest.
You lean over on me and bite my neck,
Oh that feels good like heck.

Now my eyes are open,
You're no longer with me,
Now I need help coping,
With the lust that rolls like a sea.

Show Me a Life
By: Mikira Mikatago

Why does this pain happen to me?
Why is malice poured upon me like a sea?
Whether it be from a darkened he,
Or from a betrothed she.

Why do I cry about them?
Is what she asks me,
Why do I miss him?
You love him can't you see?

Pain is what runs the world as I can tell,
Nothing but fake love to sell.
You say you love me,
But you have to let me see.

In the end you just use me,
I am not just a he,
I am a boy,
But to you, I am just a toy.

Now, why did you lie to me so?
Now this knife is at my throat,
You made me feel so low,
Thats why my blood is now a moat.

A Rose for Her
By: Mikira Mikatago

I waited all day,
I waited for it to be tonight.
I did not do it for a lay,
I just wanted to be in your sight.

I hope you enjoy the red,
The color of which I bled.
Love is what this is lead,
Love you is all I want said.

To hold you is my dream.
I want to be with you like a team.
So I leave you this green,
For it to always be seen.

Now its time for me to go,
I am just happy your not my foe.
Just remember how this goes,
So you will always remember my rose.

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