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Standing in the Rain
Everything thats going on.
notes: One answer from my quiz!
1.What's your favorite color? Black
2.Do you belive in Santa? Yeah
3.Cats or dogs? Dogs
4.Do you read the newspaper? the sports section
5.How much gold do you have? enough
6.What's your birthday? may 2
7.What's your favorite book? Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
8.Do you have a Runescape account? no
9. Do you like panda's? yeah i guess
10.How old are you? 24
11.Do you have a evil Larry rubber ducky? no i have a frankenducky
12.What's your name? Kyle
13. What's your best friend(s) name? Luke
14.How old is your grandmother? 82
15.How old is your grandpa? died
16.How old is your mom? 50
17.How old is your dad? 53
18.What is your hair color on gaia? black
19.Have you been called fat or ugly? yeah
20.Have you been called pretty? no
21.How many girls/boys do you think like you? 1
22.Has anyone flirted with you before? yep
23.How many crushes do you have? 1
24.Do you think 50 questions is too much? nah
25.Are you going to smoke when you grow up? nope
26.Do you like Christmas? kinda
27.Do you watch T.V? yep
28.What country do you live in? usa
29.Do you think your popular? no
30.Are you green(eviorment friendly)? i try
31.Have you ever gotten a A? yeah
32.Are you a hippie? hell no
33.Do you go look at houses with Christmas lights? yep
34.Do you think my quiz is stupid? no
35.Are your grandparents dead? 3 out of 4
36.What color is your hair in real life? brown
37.Did you have turkey for Thanksgiving? yes
38.Are you C.O.O.L? no
39.Do you like video games? yes
40.Do you think i'm stupid? no
41.Who do you think is the most crime-cometing star? micheal jackson
42.What are your pets(if any)name(s)? yes luna bell
43.Do you think you're a nerd? I know I am
44.Are you a loner? yeah
45.What was your most embarressing moment? calling someone the wrong name
46.Do you ever act like a little kid? yeah
47.Have you ever been really grossed out? no
48.Are your great-grandparents dead? yes
49.Do you were Santa hats around Christmas at school? i think we did
50.Did you like my quiz? talk2hand love it

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