Short Story

The sun was just in the right spot in the sky. Directly above and warming everything that its rays could touch. Birds chirped merrily as the wildflowers swayed gently into the wind. It was an open field with a variety of flowers and at the center of it all, was little Bear laying on top of a rock, snoozing away without a care in the world. He stirred occasionally as he had dreams of the strange enclosure he had recently been rescued from. He rolled over and let the sunbathed rock warm his belly. He grinned widely to himself.


Bear's eyes opened widely as he lept from his resting spot in the field of flowers and sunlight to the dark, slightly cold rabbit hole. Bear shook his head a little to wake himself up. He looked over at a familiar face, that even in darkness, he could tell was giving him a mean look. Bunny sat there on a straw bed, one ear covering half her face and the other half covered in a scowl.

'Er...eheh. Sorries, Bunny," Bear grinned childishly. "Had good, good dream."

'Sleep, love. Now,' Bunny groaned and slammed her head back into the makeshift straw bed. Bear took his place beside her again, but the thought of the dream kept him awake. He imagined the beautiful field with him resting on the rock again. He smiled once more before looking towards Bunny, who seemed to be dead to the world. He slowly sat up and poked the sleeping Bunny.

'Izatwai. Three days in a row. Lemme sleep!" Bunny groaned into the straw. She raised her hand high enough to point out a dim light coming from one of the dark rocks. Just as Bear turned to go in the direction she was pointing, he heard her hand fall back to the bed with deep snores following.

Bear pushed the large rock out of the way and let out a loud cheer as a sweet smell filled his nose. Before him laid a large field of flowers. Not quite what he had dreamed about, but it was pretty close. Bear ran over to his favorite rock which the sun had already prepared for him. But, this day was different. More flowers and had bloomed and Bear became excited. The carefree little guy jumped into a large pile of floors and began to roll around merrily, giggling and otherwise enjoying himself.

Just as suddenly as it hate begun, the cheerful spirit left him when he rolled over something that let out a loud shriek. Bear held his ears as the wails quickly came and went. He opened an eye to see what had happened, only to see something dark huddled against his rock, holding on to a large puff of a black cloud and staring at him two, tear filled eyes.

"Hai?" Bear waved to whatever it was. The creature hid its face, sobbed into the black cloud and tried to back away from Bear who had began walking toward it. The thing quivered all over and it only got worse as Bear got closer. Bear stopped and sat down a few feet away.

"Hai!" he repeated again.

The creature trembled some more before looking over the black cloud, which Bear could now see was its tail as it let out a low and drawn out 'oh'. Its eyes were still tear filled but stayed locked on the smiling bear. 'Don't e-e-eat me. P-p-please,' it cried.

Time stood still as Bear sat there looking at the creature. As it processed he began laughing hysterically, mostly to himself. The creature blinked in confusion and raised its head a little more from behind its tail. But before either of them knew what happened, Bear pounced on top of the strange creature who let out a bloodcurdling scream. Careful he lightly bit the fur of the creature, who obviously did not like that at all and only screamed louder.

"Bear! What are ya doin' to that poor skunk? Don'tcha know any better?" Bunny came bounding over the two in a hurry. Bear sat on top of the skunk's tale and playfully nibbled on its shoulder. Bear grinned to himself and made a 'nomnomnom' noise. Bunny bonked him on the noggin causing him to let go of his potential victim.

'Ow,' Bear moaned as he rolled away, holding his head. 'But Bear wasn't going to eat them! Bear was playing.'

'Not funny,' the skunk said in between sobs. 'You could have killeded me!'

Raising a questionable eyebrow at the two, Bunny simply shook her head at Bear. She helped the skunk calm down before assisting them to their feet. She dusted the skunk off with her leathery ears. By this time Bear had walked back over to them, still holding his head and still grinning. But as he got close again an odd odor replaced the scent of flowers. He plugged his nose using one of his paws and looked at the skunk.

'You stinkers,' Bear said waving his free hand.

'Bear!' Bunny shouted. 'That's rude, ya know?'

'Well, you don't smell too pretty yourself,' the Skunk raised her voice a little.

Bunny giggled and looked away, scratching her chin and smiling. She obviously agreed. Bear simply shrugged, still grinning away. His eyes seemed to burst from his head as a thought tried to shove them out. He ran over to Bunny and tugged on her arm, pointing at the Skunk.

'Stinkers is new friend, yes?' Bear said excitedly. 'She join us!'

She looked between Bear and the new found member of their gang. She smiled at the two and nodded. 'I guess. If she wants to.'

'Come on, Stinkers,' Bear cheered. 'New friend!'

Stinkers blinked in confusion. She wrapped her tail around and blinked again. 'Never had friends. Friends sounds good.'

To Be Continued....