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`Solar's Thoughts and Ramblings
Description?! It's a journal for cryin' in the night! My life, complaints, and anything else that happens to pop into my head. What'd you think it was, a hamster?
Ye Old Journal of ALL Artness
I'm bored and noticed I haven't updated my journal in, eh . . . a while. XD;

So I figured I'd do like I've seen in some other journals and toss in some of my avie art collection.
Seems like I'm always drawing it, so I might as well show it off!

Now each section's even put in order from oldest to newest!

I update this whenever I edit something or draw more, so keep checking back occasionally and there'll be new and/or improved artness!
Of course that means any of you still on dial-up should run screaming from the page. ^_^

Oh! And if you like my art and wanna see a bit more, check out my Devart Account - even though most of it's Gaia-related stuff that's in here too. [/semi-shameless plug] XD

No sooner do I ask (okay, whine XD) than someone finally makes me artness!!!

User Image
Kyle's Artness!
Ic3fIr3 was nice enough to ask her friend, Kyle Lucifer, to draw some avie art for me (cuz she's just nice like that ^_^); and then he was nice enough to draw the freakin' spifftastic piece of art you see before you! Isn't that just so nice of him too?
So much thanks to them both, this thing is just too awesome. crying
*drools over artwork yet again*

Alright then, while I'm busy drooling over Kyle's art you can go on ahead to my art!
'Cuz I'm gonna be here a while XD

User Image
Kill L0cke
I love orange. So orange outfit! I liked it, so I sketched it. The end!
Right, so anyway my first attempt at drawing my Gaian avie, it's almost four years old now.

User Image
I loooved those DragonGowns when they were released, so I thought that maybe if I did some art with my avie in one it'd motivate me to actually save enough gold to get one. Who woulda thought it'd actually work?!

User Image
d00m chibi
Too much CLAMP art + Gaia = teh kawaii chibi of d00m!
I drew it last May (of '05), and it's my first try at animating anything I've drawn. It still 'walks' a little awkwardly, but it's sooo cute moving!

User Image
Not Quite
Finally the completely finished full-size version.
Five am inspiration gone overboard after the guitars were released last May. XD;;;

User Image
: Ninja! :
I'm not sure if it's good enough for up top here, but I did work on it for hours and like how it came out. I took a pic of it with my digicam so now it looks MUCH more like the IRL version which I love, even if the lines for those pants turned out seriously funky. ^^

User Image
Oekaki fun inspired by the ZONY Discman Steph was insanely nice enough to just give me out of the blue as a surprise gift!!!
Now even cleaned up lineart-wise in Deleter! Man, I just love the pose for this - like she's really jamin' out to the music! ^.^

User Image
Happy Anniversary ^.^
For Gaia's 3rd Anniversary.
I was gonna do some avie art of the admins or something, but I just loved how my 'gaia spirit' outfit for Gaia Spirit Week turned out so I ended up doodling that instead. ^^;

User Image
Made it linkable now so you can see the waaaay larger full and finished version on my DevArt page if you want. ^_^
Another 'quick oekaki' I started after dressing up my avi with various Angelic/Solar items. I liked the tffect so much I had to draw it, and I love the way it came out looking so soft and painted!

User Image
More 'I started oekakiing and can't stop!' art. I'm like addicted to that oekaki board lately!
Just something small and cute/obnoxious to amuse myself. XD

User Image
Paint It
Needed some new art to go with my avie's new super-short hairstyle!
I figured it should be something less cute and airy than usual; so I went with quick, sharp lines and hard-edged coloring to bring out a bad-a** paintin' ninja. ^.^

User Image
It somehow seems to be a cross between my avie and one of my mules, but I guess that means I can use it as a sig in either - bonus! This one's also linked to my DA account if anyone wants to see the full-size version I'm using as an ID.
Ahh, just chilling out and drinking pop = life is gooood. ^_^

User Image
Art Shop!
Another one of my hair-brained schemes - but getting sick and my summering running away on me kinda killed it. &_&
Ah well, least I got another chibi outta it!

User Image
Sig Headshot
I wasn't in the mood to color and I hate going to the trouble of fixing black lineart beforehand anyway, so I kinda combined it and came up with something I do like!
Just kinda a fun experiment messing with more sig art, but I think I'll hafta repeat it! ;3

User Image
Barbie Gurl? 0_o;
Got tired of the old sig pic so I doodled this one up to replace it one night.
Problem is once I got done I realized that this keeps making me think it was Barbie doll inspired rather than Gaia avatar. &_&;

User Image
Gaian Spaz
My avie in its little house watching Gaia News 9 while some random part of Gaia is blown up/crushed/attacked by the undead/crashed into/etc.
You know, the usual. XD

User Image
More impromptu 'Finals are Impending! D=' art!
Just started sketching up my holiday outfit and next thing I know it's some odd hour of the morning and this sits before me! Unusually enough I only used a couple layers on it, but it's kinda nice to just blend and let stuff flow once in a while.

User Image
Spastic Chibi
This little avie bed time outfit was so damn cute I had to chibify it!
I'm starting to notice for thicker-lined chibis like this and the little razzing head one it's easier if I start doodling in an Oekaki board first, then finish the lines and coloring up in my Open Canvas knockoff program.

User Image
One of the few pictures I can't seem to find a name for, meh.
Anyway my latest greatest fave work, started as yet another 'quick' oekaki (no such thing!) for some Paint BBS practice with my fave outfit at the time.

User Image
Pretty in Pink
Latest desperately needed avi art, since my last one's over a year old.
This is one of my project's I'm happiest with, even if I never did finish inking that collar or shading the hair. Also: pink swirly sugar hair is awesome fun to draw.

User Image
Watch It
Watchmen + Painter XI trial + Gaia = er, this.

User Image
Halloween MissFortune
I'd been meaning to make this since Halloween 2k8 - I mean seriously, we're doomed? On Gaia? During not just a holiday, but Halloween of all times?!

Alright! Enough finished stuff! On to the sketches!!!
`Solar, her pencil, GaiaOnline, this journal, and anything else I couldn't think up are not responsible for any injury to eyes or loss of sanity that may occur upon gazing at the messy as hell sketches etc. seen beyond this point. Thank you, and proceed at your own risk.

User Image
Something I sketched out a couple months ago after goofing around with my avie's clothes to find something to wear for Halloween. Who knows, I might still clean it up and get it spiffed before Halloween! Eh, maybe next Halloween anyway. XD
And the scary thing is most of my nicer CG pics start with sketches of this 'quality'. (Does this not explain a lot?) XD

User Image
I hate my pencil tools so I was trying to clean this up with the paintbrush tool instead. Another old ancient one, mostly just practice with CG painting.

User Image
Five Mins Flat!
A quick sketch of my avie I did just for something to do - trying for speed, and man does it show!

User Image
the COLOR 0_0;
Another quick sketch of my avie, this time done in fifteen mins and about a year later than the last one. ^^;
Maybe a bit too nice for down here, but I suppose that'll just hafta motivate me to finish it up and color it and everything eventually. Heh, right, well I can dream anyway . . . ^^
Edit: Hey! '08 now and while it's still not done, it has at least been updated and is now used in the banner on my profile.

User Image
Halloween Edit
Not really art since I used Gaia's avie, Grunny, word bubble and candy/candy bag, and then just edited them; but I did tweak 'em some and spent a while working on it, so I'll toss it in too.

User Image
They're taunting me! D:
Mmm, finally decided to quest for those cuties and thought I'd better put something in my sig or plastered to my forhead or something to remind me not to blow every cent I have like I usually do. ^^;;;
And it WORKED! ^__________^

User Image
Pinata, Pinata!
My ava arena entry. ^^
Not sure if it counts as art since I only sketched in a bkg and did some minor editing, but meh, close enough. XD

Temproarily (?) storing the story here before I forget it!
Yeah, that was the photo that was snapped.

About four seconds before disaster struck.

Ya see, I knew this girl. She was the cutest girl I knew. And she had the cutest birthday party I had ever seen!
Unfortunately, that's kinda boring if you're a guy. :/
So I decided to spice things up and make it a birthday to remember! The plan was this: to switch her cute little dragon-shaped pinata with one of her presents, a real baby dragon!
. . . What?! It seemed like a good idea at the time. >_>;
Anyway, since she was the birthday girl she got the first turn. And -just- as she was taking her first swing, her mom comes in to take some pictures. And -just- as she snaps this one, she realizes what's going on. She managed to scream "Holy sh-!!!!!" before -


. . .

Yeah, you can guess what happened after that. It was sure a birthday /'ll never forget.
Too bad though. Sure am gonna miss that girl.

User Image
Tiny arena entry pic is tiny.
That is all.

User Image
In Ur Barrel . . .
swimmin' in ur toxic sludge. ninja
What? It worked out fine for Timmy, right?
Just another goofy edit/animation idea brought to you by the power of guilds! Because you get the most fun/odd ideas when friends think together. =D

Enough of me though already! Now for some art I did of other Gaian's avatars.

User Image
Part of an oekaki idea I sketched when Towns first came out inspired by real-Gaia life kleptoness - I really need to finish this sometime soon @_@;;;;

User Image
I try to do some art when I send in donations, and this month I would up doing a quick CG of Ling. It's not that great, but it is kinda cute ^.^

User Image
A quick sketchy sketch I did of my mule, the Soda Ninja.
And yeah, it was while she had the topless glitch, so eh heh. ^^;

User Image
Amazing Flying Drunken
I think I remember seeing something in his sig about wanting art, and since I wanted to try out OpenCanvas and his avie was just too hilarious, I couldn't resist XD

User Image
I started doing some avie art for a friend (Icey!) to help with her anklets quest, but then she got them so quickly and my OC trial ran out so quickly that I never did finish it -_-;;;

User Image
More Icey!
I had no idea this was gonna get addictive. XD;
Just another pic of her avie, this time a quick inked sketch of her Christmas outfit with some CG color splashed on for fun. ^_^

User Image
Woot!!! Finally finished my greatest creation - avi art for my friend Icey! She's such a good friend, it's the least I could do, so I'm glad I was finally able to finish it for her! Thanks for everything Steph! heart

User Image
Made for Rena and Roko, the users responsible for Gaia's first Spirit Week!
I wanted to try out a plushie chibi style since I thought it might be kinda quick and cute, but even then just one of those chibis took me two hours. XD;

User Image
Collage! biggrin
Damn! That's as big as Photobucket'll let me show it, so click it and it'll take ya to the fullsized one on my Devart gallery.
Now, anyway I'd hardly drawn anything all summer, and certainly not really anything postable on devart, so I just gathered everything I'd doodled into one giant collage of randomness!

User Image
Famous Oekaki
Oekaki for a friend!
I luff it all . . . except for that hair. That hair of hers saddens me, so expect that to be majorly changed/edited to hell/attacked with a flamethrower later.

User Image
Still not done! But will be shorty.

User Image
Yeah, more gift art. I love the effect sleep deprivation/insomnia has on my art! XD

User Image
Whattaya know, my first -sorta- commission!
She saw the pic I did for Ang and liked it, so she asked to commission me! 'Course I have no idea what to charge, so she ended up 'tipping' me. Yay!
She asked for something cute and like Ang's and the one in my sig - well, here's the result of my attempt!

User Image
My first real commission! Woo!
I saw Cartius' sig about wanting to commission some avi art and liked his avi, so I contact him and next thing I know I'm working on my first commish!
I took entirely too long tinkering with it, but the results were worth it! Plus it was really fun drawing those angel wings and devil tail. :3

User Image
Aqua Fuzz
Just a headshot I doodled over the weekend for some practice.
Started with a random tektek I rather liked, so maybe I'll end up making a mule dressed like this eventually.

User Image
Chibi `Link
Chibi done for `Link of his avi in a White Mage cosplay. Just wish I knew who this White Mage character is, her outfit's kinda cute.

User Image
Commish for `Link of one of his avatars I took waaay to long to find a proper pose for. I thought about outlining it like I did Cartius' commish, but this was faster and I like the way it turned out non-outlined better anyway.

User Image
Gift art for a secret santa thingy this past Christmas.
Tried out a new longer-bodied chibi style this time; and while I like that I can get more details and it's not quite as deformed I feel like I lost some cuteness.
Back to the drawing board I guess!

User Image
Entry for [Q]'s art contest.
This took forever!!! He likes marvel comic style. I suck at drawing guys, smexiness, hands holding cigs, proper anatomy, and especially muscles. Oh, and the 'manliness' that is American comics. Soooooooo this nearly killed me.
Still, after suppressing as much of my own naturally girly style as possible and raiding tons of Spiderman comics for refs on general Marvel style, it turned out pretty decent; and it was a good challenge. Oh, and I ended up winning in my category with it. Yay! X3

User Image
Dark Tide
Woot! My first commission by someone who's contacted me first for Tidus Guado.
He just said he wanted it 'dark,' which is pretty easy when working with a zombie avatar with glowing, demonic eyes and dressed all in black. I still think the hands are a bit off; but as I never did figure out a way to improve them guess they'll have to do. Also, it turns out metal is rather fun to paint.

User Image
My contribution to a joint art auction won by ManateeMan.
Biggest. Pain. EVER. I spent the better part of a month's worth of solid work time on this, but the quality's frankly more than I figured I was capable of and SO worth it. <3

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  • User Comments: [3]
    Like I've always said...your art is incredible. Its got its own style and creativity as well...with a touch of elegance and a sprinkle of uniqueness, you've created a masterpiece! (more like masterpieces xd ) Anyhow, just be proud of your drawing and hold your head up high and say..."I'm simply awesome!" ^_^

    P.s: I'll continue to support you all the way! ALL THE BEST!


    comment Ic3fIr3 · Community Member · Thu Oct 27, 2005 @ 10:19am
    You've go ur own personal touch to add into ur drawings. It's a good sign coz u wouldn't like ur work looking like everyone else's right? Keep up the good work and may inspiration keep flooding into u cool

    comment Kyle Lucifer · Community Member · Sat Dec 31, 2005 @ 04:16am
    hello xd xd xd xd xd

    comment peeyohh_ · Community Member · Fri Feb 02, 2007 @ 10:56am
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