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rawr. <3
Megami no Oyasumi
[[FYI: Megami no Oyasumi, means 'Goddess Of Night' in japanese]]

Ketsueki, decided by her fate already,was taken away from her family in the earily 90's, when she was 3, by a group of people who called themselves the 'Ikkaiki,' meaning the first anniversary of the death. They worked for a guy who still, to this day remains nameless, who would take people, (specifically kids) and do test on them. They tried doing an eye-changing-color test on Ketsueki, to change them from the brilliant color they use to be; a gorgous gray-blue, to a deep green. All it took, was a injection into the eyes, then sleep for weeks.

So sleep she did.

When she woke up, it was like an intense fire, had awaken her, she tried to pick up her hands, but they were being held down by shackles, that were chained down to the ground around her. She shook, strained, and pulled; tring to break free, but no break.

Then Ketsueki herd a voice come from what seemed like just 2 feet away from her, saying in a manly, steady clam, yet so stern voice. 'Stop straing.' That just made her panick even more, she started tugging again. 'Stop that!' the voice said again, in the same, calm, stern voice. 'Quit it.' It said once more. The she felt cold, rough hands rub across her face. 'Now, now child. Stop fidgiting, so I can get you something to go over those eyes...well....blood.' He said.
'W-w-what!? What are you talking about...blood?' she said, cold, and scared...
She herd a slight laughter come from the figure, guessing it was a guy.
'Stop laughing! Whats wrong with me!? State your name!' She said paniking even more.
He cleared his throught. ' The name is Kyuusai. I'm here to help you. The experiment....went wrong... I don't know how, but it did. not your eyes...are...well, bleeding.' he said, scrambling through stuff. 'Here this'll work...' He siad.
She then could feel his cold hands again, somehow, this calmed her this time. She then felt him wrapping something across her eyes, this burned, but soothed.
'They will protect you, and here, you might need this.' She felt a tug on her back, and felt him...putting clothes on her?
'Heh. There. You look better. Now, you'll need this too.' just as he was saying that, she felt a gust of wind coming from above her. Then, what felt like a heater coming from below. "Wha....?"
'Its a seal. So you don't die. Your eyes a bleeding intensely still, but this will ease it up, alot more than you would be bleeding.' He said.
'Well, what do you mean by, ' They will protect you?'" She said, now calm. As if he had affected this...or maybe the seal.
'I was talking about...' Just then he was interuped by the door breaking down behind him. She screamed. Just then, something hit her, like.... a body or something. She was knocked unonsious.

She woke up. Everything was quiet. She sat up, still shackled down. 'Ahh, damn... what the...' She then herd something come form infront of her.

'Hi.' came from above. She looked up, just the, and fell back down. 'What are you!?' she said. As soon as she could make it out, an anwser.' I'm Tye. And this is Kye. Were summonings that Kyuusai did. Well, bats I guess you could say, imp-ish like figures.'

((To be CoNtInUeD!!! <3))

Thanks for reading, if you read. D:

My Chemical Deathwish
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My Chemical Deathwish
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